Announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5... And a 2nd chance to win!


Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. We're announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5 from iMore... And we're giving everyone else a 2nd chance to win! Are you ready? Are you set?

Find out who won, and how YOU can still win... after the break!



Congratulations Timberwolf! We'll be in touch via email to get your information for the prize!

EVERYONE ELSE: Keep reading, because you're not done yet!

Tomorrow is iPhone 5 day! We know a lot of you are lining up at the stores to be among the first to get your hands on Apple's latest creation. Some of us will be there too. We also know not everyone can upgrade right now, so here's what we've got for you.

We're giving away ANOTHER free iPhone 5 to ANOTHER lucky iMore reader!

That's right! FREE. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

The rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Generic iPhone 5 Contest Comment #NotGonnaWin

lennydenuez says:

Congratulations Timberwolf!

Would be amazing to win the iPhone 5, your coverages are just awesome, especially the iOS 6 review.

Rnkriis says:

I love second chances!!!!!!!!

w3sleychan says:

Holy moly I wanna win this! Me please!

infojock says:

I left that buggy, fragmented, copycat platform to get my hands on this!

bbkf1056 says:

I'm poor, can i win please?

nmaguire001 says:

well I wanted to win the first iPhone but I'll be glad to win the second one.

jaydenrobins says:

I want the iPhone 5!!!! I need 4G! Me me me! Please!

Echo64 says:

Dear apple gods, pick me- please pick me. ;)

Good luck all !

Sindervhit says:

PLEEEEEEEASE pick me! I'll be good until the 5S comes out, I promise!

TroyRific says:

If I could upgrade early I would but I could win a iPhone 5 I know a special somebody that will love their practically new (don't call it a hand-me-down) iPhone 4s.

josephk71 says:

Be AWESOME TO WIN !!!!!!!!

datenesser says:

Make a nerd happy and give me a shiny new gadget to play with!

WhoddaThunk1 says:

Hope I win an iPhone 5, as does my fiancee who dislikes the idea of me spending more money on it when I already have a 4s.

spur83 says:

Does the content of the comment have any bearing on the chances of winning? I hope not. Unless asking increases the chances. Then I hope so. Where's my Ritalin?

bdearth says:

I am in need of this Iphone I want to make the switch long time android user.

Mark511 says:

I'm all for 2nd chances!!

tester24 says:

I hope I win this one :)

Dreded says:

Roses are red violets are blue... no they're not, they are purple. iPhone 5 please.

arjungulati says:

Congratulations to Timberwolf! I would love to receive the new iPhone 5. It won't be for me, but it will be for my dad. His birthday is coming up, and I want to get him something special. Winning this iPhone will make that happen. He's the greatest guy you can ever meet, he's my inspiration for working hard and following my goals. He really is the #1 Dad in the world. And, I am lucky to have him.

So iMore, I would love to win the iPhone 5. But even if I don't it's okay. iMore is still the best when it comes to providing any news that is related to Apple. And just for that I want to say thank you! You always provide us with relevant and useful information, so keep up the good work.

Thank you, and I HOPE I can win this iPhone 5. :)

JustinKoenig says:

Can't upgrade till May, I need it now!!!!

TRZ06 says:

Former iPhone user, current Galaxy Nexus user. Help me have the iOS experience again!!

Fish Dork says:

Ok. This time I will win, right?

Spdracer says:

Always worth another try to win an iPhone

Daniel Lopez P. says:

Hello Im More
Im writting this comment to have the chance a of be the lucky winner of the new iphone 5
So here is my comment .
I hope i win that iphone =)

papascotimini says:

Hope I can win it this time

AntmoyMP says:

Second chance to win? I hope so!

Slff says:

I guess my last comment didnt do it, ha ha

Folks12 says:

Pick me iMore! Apple is a way of life!

rpol86 says:

GF will love this! I know I pre ordered mine but would be nice for her!

Fabmaclover says:

Second chance? it does not happen often :)

kwatch says:

I like to win this beautiful device!

blaise9586 says:

congratulations Timberwolf! and Wow iMore team what a great giveaway!... and now topping it off with a another one. Thanks for everything love the site. I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about the iPhone 5 after getting hands on with it. And yes, I would like to win also :) thanks again for the great giveaway!

thomashui says:

I saw that the winner's username started with a "T" and I got excited haha! Thanks for the second chance, iMore!

giang09 says:

It's mine this time around.

robyj says:

read iMore everyday! pick me!

tinmansaginaw says:

Blah blah blah blah oh really u didn't pick me

ConAgraPilot says:

Congrats Timberwolf!! Now its my turn! :-)

Warrior Scribe says:

What's better than one iPhone 5? Two iPhone 5's!

Ltapilot says:

IMore's reporting quality is above the rest.
Their generosity is without bounds.
Continued THANKS for all you guys do!

BleeBlah says:

I'd love one !!!!!! 

hammers47 says:

I never win anything cool.

CTForester says:

I don't like feta cheese no matter how hard YouTube tries to sell it.

valdan says:

iPhone 5...Avengers Blu-ray...this is shaping up to be a pretty good week!

JMac127 says:

Count me in! Hope you pick me! Good luck everyone!

junius101 says:

I want it. I want it. I want it. :D

robles1107 says:

I would love to own you, come to papa

fasferraz says:

I'm in again!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

ChrisInVegas says:

Love the site... will love it even more while surfing on my new iPhone!

halfdracula says:

Amazing! iMore is awesome!

iphoneplease says:

Can't upgrade, always wanted an iphone!

jerelchacko says:

come on iMore! don't let me down! but obviously i'll still love you forever.

djbouche says:

Forgiven for not picking me the first time but I know you'll pick me this time around ;)

33497746 says:

Please!!! Send me one to Argentina!!!!

crackBerryTour says:

Would love a brand new iPhone 5! Been a long time iMore fan and I'm amazed they are giving away another one!

Bill_Johnson says:

Maybe THIS time I will win! Thanks for the second chance!

infiniti says:

Wow, lets hope this is my turn to win.

ColetonAM says:

Here's to hoping I win this one

kangoljas says:

Awesome Rene would love to win a iPhone 5.

kjjostes says:

Would love this - thanks iMore

DaiLLNAHnah says:

I would like a new BLACK iPhone 5 please!!!!

langley182 says:

I hereby enter the contest.

Irjo says:

it would be sooooooooo nice to have an iPhone 5 for free!! :O pick me!! or better don't cuz i would die hahaha... ok i don't care.. pick me!!

robiii#CB says:

Second chances never looked better. Its my turn!

MusicMan0404 says:

I want an iPhone 5 so bad! I hope I win :)

Bud 88 says:

One iMore chance thanks!

jturant says:

if i win my first app will be imore

deanandbek98 says:

If you pick me, I will give you BACON! It's that simple!

bergman says:

I'd love t win an iPhone5! You guys rock!

72tr6kp says:

i would love to surprise my wife with a new Iphone5!

cfrazier1227 says:

One more chance!! Hope its me!!

mcfryus02 says:

Please chose me, I will write a weeks worth of blogs on iPhone 5 if you LET ME WIN.

bentsh says:

Let another wolf win ;)

1amtoo1337 says:

*in my brandy voice* THAT PHONE is miiinneee !!!

nelsonn says:

Hot damn!!!! Another chance to win ANOTHER iPhone 5??!!!!

/insert blown mind here

I love this website...

Brpix says:

Pick me and I will run over my S3 with my truck!

traveling2 says:

All this best to the winner! Count me in for the 2nd chance drawing.

sicpuppy says:

Thanks for the coverage , wish could be at Fairview ! Good luck to all !

Kwhitey5 says:

Can't win if ya don't try !!!!!

bcbbanga4l says:

Lets go I want this so bad haha lets go for try number 2 woo hook

2sshafer5 says:

Congrats to Timberwolf! Would be nice to see my name pop up on here next week :)

alemus says:

Ehem.... OK here I go... quiet on the set.... 3,2,1- action:
I wan't to Win... I need to Win... I must Win...
Thank you very much, thank you very much.

Ziltoid says:

Wow! Congrats to Timberwolf. And Congrats to whoever is going to win the 2nd Rd!
Please hook it up so I can use teh iPhone 5! :-)

charlybrown4 says:

Did not win the first time so I guess I'll do like the Brain and try and take over the world...

oundn1#AC says:

Pick me for real this time please!

agent006 says:

The excitement is building, i want an iphone 5 now.

jeeter2k2 says:

I'm really grateful for this opportunity to win, but more than anything, I want you guys and gals to know that you provide a real service with your high quality content and great personalities, all in a very timely fashion. Longtime MobileNations fan/subscriber . . . since the TreoCentral days!

PSelby says:

Maybe round two is my winning round...

RyanvsAll says:

Hi I appreciate the opportunity that you are giving us to win a iPhone 5! I think it would be very neat to win a iPhone and be able to use Siri, and play with all the apps available. It would also be my first smart phone and that would be super cool to have an iPhone. Well thanks and good luck to all.

krt72012 says:

Would love to win this time

chadbad says:

How could I NOT be interested in this?!

ripcity00 says:

Thanks for the second chance to win an iphone 5 !

theboss303 says:

Please pick me..I've been good all year long and watch all your videos!!!!

ViganJashari says:

I never liked iPhone 4/4s very small screen. But iPhone 5 (what a desing) how comfortable it can be in hands. Thank you APPLE and IMORE for this opportunities.

joamon21 says:

Thanks for the second crack! Good luck everyone!

Rbminlv says:

Woo hoooo! You guys rock !

SteelerJoe says:

Please give the new Iphone to me.

mastr07 says:

If i dont win, Denzel Washington from Training Day will find me and do not so nice things to me, then Denzel from Safe House will finish the job...PLEASE...HELP!

Freak duck says:


aftermath360 says:

Congrats to the winner! I love the iPhone and have been anxious to get my hands on the new iPhone 5. I hope to be the next person to win!

iamJomo says:

Another chance to win, great.

peggyj says:

I can't afford to buy iPhone5, it'd be really nice if i won..please please please!

Wurlitzer42 says:

A chip and a chair! I'm all in!

Ides of Buster says:

Congrats Timberwolf!

I hope I'll be a winner the second time around. :-)

tnico says: out this poor college student still rocking his iPhone 3G, and still stuck on iOS 4. I know, its depressing.

seilcho7 says:

im still using 3gs!!!

iamtina says:

I have a Pre 2, tried an Android HTC Incredible, but really would like to move to an iPhone 5 now.

Lux148 says:

I hope I win this time! Would make a great gift for someone special :)!

csal80 says:

You know what they say, 2nd time's a charm!!

JJBetty7 says:

who doesn't like to win....pick me...pick me

lgpm says:

2nd chance, come on, this is it...

saurabhsanskritian says:

saurabh agarwal is my name...i am here to win the contest n i am sure that i'll win the contest for of luck buddies bcoz ur father is here... admin just email me that i have won....:P... just kidding 3:) i hope i'll win

jw154j says:

Please, Please, please.. I want to give it to my Mom as an early Xmas present. She can't afford to buy one, but would love the surprise of a new iPhone 5. We only see each other once-twice a year as we live 12 hrs apart and I'd love to show up with a new iPhone 5 when I go see her in October.

SDTRMG says:

I'm disappointed I didn't win, but will happily try again. And I find iOS6 and the map service to be pretty good, I hated no turn by turn nav from googles half baked app

cdunn05#AC says:

HEY! You guys forgot to pick me last time. I'll give you one more chance to pick me. Please?

JPiLLa says:

iPhone 5 me!! (Please)

iRetired says:

I'd love to win this amazing iPhone 5!

Therambler says:

Would love to win an iphone :-)

cwilliams706 says:

Prayerfully I'll receive the second iPhone 5 that's being given away. If not, then I'll just have to save up to buy myself one instead.

LegoBoy says:

Hey, toss it here please. :)

sremai says:

Second try's a charm? Here's hoping!

Msantosmfc says:

Awesome web page, just wanna be the lucky one who win the iphone 5! :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gcl07221992 says:

Hi guys! :D I didn't win the first time but I think you guys are awesome for giving us another chance! Hope I win hehe. :D

Vincentg#IM says:

So awesome that you guys are doing this again!!

quarters says:

Thank You for another chance! Please pick me. iMore Rocks!

iRoswell says:

Congrats Timberwolf! Hope I'm next!!!

easd0423 says:

Just like Star Trek movies, the 2nd one was better!

dlarocca says:

i hope i win... since i already preordered mine, this is going to be my brother's christmas present... if i win... but i probably wont win

briancook451 says:

I would sell my firstborn child for one of these phones.

miri88 says:

here we go AGAIN........................=P

JCarreiro21 says:

Upgraded from a BB9900 to the 4S. iPhone 5 FTW!!!

Rasamaki says:

Another one? Great! Hope to have more luck this time :)

nino63004 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

Oliverf says:

Congrats to the winner. Please pick me for the second chance at glory.

yoyobo says:

Missed out the first time. Second time a CHARM.

MooPenguin32 says:

Hoping to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

nickL2 says:

I WANT TO WIN THE SECOND IPHONE 5 GIVEAWAY. :) ..thanks for this oportunity !

donvy says:

Unlocked Black please! =D

0pusX says:

Congrats Timberwolf!

Count me in for the next contest, please!

sensei886 says:

Here's hoping for another chance! Go Iphone!

linnea says:

I still can't wait to get my hands on iPhone 5!! Sweet of you to give a second chance!!! Thanks for the contest.
Congrats to Timberwolf!

harpoon#IM says:

meeeeee! I'm canadian too!

BuhdeeBoy says:

Timberwolf is a lucky guy right now. Can I get lucky too? :p

parpart33 says:

Let me get at that iPhone 5!!!

bigjayLLC says:

It would be great if I could win this... C'mon Imore! ha!

brandonneff09 says:

Make it happen...could always use an iPhone 5!

gbattaglia02 says:

I was diagnosed with a rare disease called LOIP (Lack Of Iphone). The Dr. said the only cure is a shiny new iPhone 5. The life you save could be mine!

shaunypat says:

Please, please let me get rid of my buggy Galaxy S3(which I gave up my 4S for). I haven't regretted a decision this much since my junior prom

Luzardodude says:

I love all apple devices and i have wished of having an iphone because my dad has an iphone and i always asked him to use it and i fell in love with it and it would be a dream come true.

iPhone4Jay says:

I hope I have the same luck TIMBERWOLF had!!! Fingers Crossed !!

rr4him says:

iPhone high "FIVE" me please!

cacb90 says:

Yo, me, io, moi, I want the iPhone so bad!

Jay_B_II says:

Ok let's try this one more time. I need this phone, I don't think I can survive until November.

ardew says:

I would love too have one.

KC1988 says:

Would love a new iPhone 5!

jasondusko says:

I really would like to win this! Please!

sarder says:

Can I just say Thank You now? THANKS!

mv rob says:

I love to get all the latest news and rumors from iMore! Its hard to budget for a new phone right now so I would love to win this one!!

jkurl15 says:

Pick me, pick me Please pick me

Guissetteo says:

I would love a new iPhone 5!

Burr510 says:

Second times a charm! Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine

Malkist says:

I am the next Timberwolf :)

ShadezOfGray says:

Congrats, Timberwolf! Here's to second chances.

FateCreatr says:

AT&T says no upgrades for me until May.. this is my only chance. Probably like so many others. Fingers crossed!

harmonic_dissonance says:

i need to win me an iPhone, def looking to upgrade my phone!

Steve6569 says:

I`t don`t hurt to try. I once won a free ticket on a scratch off. That is about all the luck I have. The best luck I ever did have in the past are my two beautiful kids. Have a great night to all and good luck.

midnighte13 says:

This would be the perfect birthday present for my wife. She's needing something faster than her 4.

lack528 says:

goodness another free iphone!

Whulfgar says:

Sure i'll take one! Thanks very much :)