Announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5... And a 2nd chance to win!


Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. We're announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5 from iMore... And we're giving everyone else a 2nd chance to win! Are you ready? Are you set?

Find out who won, and how YOU can still win... after the break!



Congratulations Timberwolf! We'll be in touch via email to get your information for the prize!

EVERYONE ELSE: Keep reading, because you're not done yet!

Tomorrow is iPhone 5 day! We know a lot of you are lining up at the stores to be among the first to get your hands on Apple's latest creation. Some of us will be there too. We also know not everyone can upgrade right now, so here's what we've got for you.

We're giving away ANOTHER free iPhone 5 to ANOTHER lucky iMore reader!

That's right! FREE. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

The rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 8271 comments. Add yours.

nathan76 says:

Please choose me :)

Thank you

darthcees says:

I would like to win a iPhone 5, PLEASE!

eafarris says:

As long as you're giving it away, I'll take it.

tahirismaeel says:


TheFranchise216 says:

Round 2!! Here we gooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

ShyBlye12 says:

Another Shot.. Come On.. Trying win this for my girlfriend.. We need some type of good luck...

jose86ec says:

Dear Rene I need the iphone 5 I need upgrade my old iphone 3GS. Thanks. iMore FTW! :)

bbreckling says:

You people are great...


GrandmaBetty says:

By grabthar's hammer, that iPhone will be mine!

amynunc says:

Let the game begin and my name be drawn for the best iPhone yet!

immortalkamikaze says:

Like they say, Try Try Again....

asbari2 says:

I didn't get the first one, but surely I'll win this one

Hondofett says:

Here we go again. Cheers!

DaveAGoldbach says:

This guy would like to win! :)

blackberryuser31 says:

i'm planning to switch from my S II anyway, but winning this would be completely awesome!!

clvrbas says:

Could be a good replacement for my BB Torch 9800.

Bce92 says:

I will try yet again to beat the odds! :) go iMore!

filmore77 says:

2nd time is a charm. Please let it be me, let it be!

cjvitek says:

My comment: How do the odds compare to getting struck by lightning?

bryan hobbs says:

I shall "Keep hope alive!"

yangyixing69 says:

Awesome!! Hope I could be the lucky one!

Ryan4128 says:

I would love to have the iphone 5

Brm5688 says:

I would love this phone, it looks incredible, please pick me!

GreenLightJerky says:

Congratulations Timberwolf. Great give away!

toy68403 says:


nexus2iphone says:

Please please please send some Aloha to Hawaii!!

Cashflo21 says:


chris4vzw says:

I've followed iMore for a while now, and it's now my number one source of iPhone news. I refer it to anyone and everyone I meet!

keith06t says:

Me, me! I want to win this time.

bu1ld0g920 says:

Let's try again for round two!

Cornbo says:

I can't afford a new iPhone, pick me!!!

NursePhil says:

The iPhone 5 would be awesome to have at the bedside of my patients to help with information and medications!

Bcloutier says:

I'd love a second chance to win a new iPhone 5!

Abu_Gadu says:

Too bad I didn't win!. This is my second chance!

Jmurraymedia says:

Congrats Timberwolf! Here's hoping my name's up there next.

ulnek says:

yay another chance. i'd like one! :D

andremr12 says:

i hope i win. my iphone 4 recently went caput and i dont have an upgrade soon thanks for the opportunity

fubaracing7374 says:

I could really use one!! :)

gwalsh530 says:

Phone for free, that's for me!
Please ship to my door, no need to visit the Apple store.
Black or White is good for me;
My first iPhone....Happy as could be!

Deyrkroz says:

Hope i can win this time!
Good luck everyone!

Kennic says:

I want a free iPhone 5

Smitty_8866 says:

i would love to have another chance to win from this amazing site :)

smile4them says:

I would really like to win an iPhone 5!

Mhatham says:

Second iphone giveaway, not to shabby iMore. Count me in.

lfsv says:

I really thought I would win, hahaha come on I can win in the second chance :D

Eliasj28 says:

I am......... TIMBERWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!

(as crowd roars)

Toby Kirkland says:

i would like an iPhone 5. I won't even complain about maps :-)

jhpx123 says:

Pretty Please Again
Thank You in advance

rahjahz says:

You guys are great! Pick me!

tufcustomer says:

Second times the charm, been waiting patiently for this phone since the 4S (which I held out on for this).

That0neDude says:

Awesome that you guys are being this generous to the fans out there! Would love the new Iphone!!

jnice1121#WN says:

I really wanna win this phone!

pchengye says:

Congrats Timberwolf, I am so jealous now :( Me please please please.

zdn1042 says:


Eejay says:

Not that I'm begging, but I would really like to be chosen. My daughter is a sophomore in high school and last year she worked really hard to earn a 4.0 GPA. She made the Girls Varsity Basketball team (one of two freshman that did) and started at point guard until she popped her shoulder out of socket during a game and had to ride the bench for a couple months and do physical therapy. She eventually was able to play again and was on fire versus the rival team in our city when her shoulder popped out again. Her season was over. I think she really deserves this -- for doing so well scholastically and for rehabbing herself back to basketball shape. She's ready for the challenges of this school year and is itching to get back on the court and bring the 1st State Championship in Girls Basketball for her school! I'm very proud of her and I think she would love the new iPhone!

captobie says:

And no purchase necessary! Woo-hoo, pick me!

DKP89 says:

Congrats to Timberwolf!! Hopefully i'm next!!

babyblues197669 says:

It puts the iPhone 5 in my pocket!!!

niblux says:

I would be the happiest person in the world ;)

MountainHighMama says:

Oh wow, another chance! Thank you. I'd love to have the new IPhone5

skrabacz58 says:

I still have an iPhone 3GS. Please let it be me!!!!

ariebwab3ied says:

love iphones,,,love to own the iphone 5 soon,,hope i win :D

LFR says:

I want to win so bad! my actual iPhone doesn't work anymore!!! and I'm dying for it! I love iMore!!!!

precon22 says:

Me; pretty please :( lol

Josh28007 says:

I want to win this time!

bh_15 says:

would be awesome if I won

roneair says:

I feel my time is now. I will win

wrightwayphoto says:


rsd22 says:

Second times a charm. Best of luck to everyone!!

grandongz says:

I want it!!
Please pick meee!!

marchie_78 says:

Please pick me for the iPhone 5. I never win anything and I will give my soul to imore :)

herkyMD says:

I would love one...thank ya

Firestrife says:

I'd like to win please. I could really use some good news.

jetbo says:

I would love this....You guys are awesome.

Addicted631 says:

My wife took my upgrade! Please!

Charger49 says:

I would love if you gifted me a brand new Iphone 5. Thank you very much.

miikeyroks#CB says:

Please I hope I win this!!

a.crews says:

My girlfriend just became a second class yaoman for the U.S Navy..i would lOve to win this for her..please pick me?

mqguitar says:

Second times a charm? May the odds be in my favor!

Romanu says:

I ordered one already but my wife would really want one too...Thanks for the great iPhone info iMore.

Cognosyeti says:

This is a fantastic opportunity.

Roadrunner3429 says:

I would love a new iphone 5.

AnonymousUser says:

Congrats to TimberWolf!

Best of luck to us all in the 2nd chance! :-)

ryanmichael516 says:

Hope luck will be on my side this time! I'll be selling them at work just not buying one for me just yet!

minichrispy says:

This looks cool
- iMinichrispy

wubeone says:

iMore's free iPhone rocks.

bisner says:

Please... Oh please...

Jayry55 says:

I I want the iphone so badly.

maxagin says:

I hope this doesn't disqualify me....gulp

AtsuXAK says:

Pleasure of joining this community

AmrinIm says:

Sign me up... Again...

mig2008pt says:

lets try another time, maybe this time i will be lucky =)

Droid666 says:

Seriously, I've switched from an original droid to a 4s, and now I want the iPhone 5. What more do I need to say to win this damn thing?!?! Pick me imore!!!!!! says:

iMore is the very best. They know I NEED an iPhone 5!

poole772 says:

I never win anything. Waaaa waaa

spoofer09 says:

2nd chances are the bomb!!

heitorstifler says:

Here we go again, 2nd and maybe last chance. So, here's the deal: I just can't afford an iPhone 5 for now, and only God knows when I'll be able to purchase one when it comes to my country (and again, only God know when it's gonna happen, haha.). While there's still hope, I'll keep trying. Anyway, thanks iMore for providing a brand new iPhone for your readers.

CrzyP says:

Oh please pick this guy. Show some love for a ginger!

tnrambler says:

Thanks for a second chance to win.

CamKrohn says:

WHOOO HOOO love second chances! I WANNA WIN

DaMacGuy says:

Please pick me! Thanks.

zeel says:

I only want to win the iPhone 5 if it comes with iOS 5 ;)

joe pishnery says:

Please pick me. I made a mistake got the Samsung Charge, it runs like a Swiss car. I am jealous of my girlfriends Iphone, she never has a problem with it when making phone calls, using the gps with a map program. Please, Please, Please.

Justin V says:

pick me since i cant upgrade for 11 mos!

WoodenStick says:

Pick me! please can I win?

iMaddin says:

Cool! This time I will definitely maybe might or might not win :)!

lunarbase says:

I never won anything on a drawing...

jkirkla says:

Please pick me so I can start spending time on iMore again. I'm getting bored over at Android Central, but I am many months away from an upgrade. Thanks.

Missalyssa928 says:

Would love to get an iphone 5! Just gave up my 4s to my mom . Using a feature phone for a while!

m.ryan322 says:

Keeping my fingers crossed again!

rcaleman says:

Hope I win the second time!

LotusLord says:

I have one on order for my wife, but I can't really swing another at the moment, so it'd be great to win!

Nemesisprimed says:

Giving it another gooooooo!

mernavfd says:

Congrats Timberwolf! Hope I can enjoy one also!

lace18 says:

In it to win it again!

Yommer84 says:


ljmmasri says:

oh well, Please meeeee I wanna be the next winner): please please I really love this website
Pick me please please please please please please ):

Kisses from venezuela xx

hope09 says:

Congratulations timberwolf...hope I would be blessed and be the next winner :)

ckugo says:

I'll take one, please!

Judson50 says:

This would be great! I'd be the first one in this area to rock one!

The_tiger says:

Imore i need a iPhone 5 in my life

franz_stiehl says:

I think it's time I win with this second chance.

andy_hoffman says:

Oh i want the new iphone so bad! Please pick me :)

cdl0007 says:

I want a free iphone 5! iMore is the best website ever!

mthomps07 says:

Second chance is the best chance! Hope I win this!

jamesrshaffer says:

My wife is stuck on an Optimus s and isn't eligible for upgrade until march, please please please, this would be a great surprise for her. She could take great pics of our 2 month old!!! Thank you

JoshuaO.Ward says:

Would love to win!!! Pick me!

Jopple says:

Thanks for the second chance, iMore.


alucky0 says:

awww i totally want one!

gabe_tash says:

Ok let's try this again.....

godfada says:

Congrats Timberwolf.....Now it my turn!!

jakethesnake1911 says:

I would love to win the iPhone action!!!!

jasonpolk says:

Twould be nice to have it, iSay.

keishou says:

Please, pick me! Pretty please?

Iphone5lover says:

I need a iPhone 5 please be me whoever gets it is lucky

smario says:

niiiice. hope i win one. as im not eligible for an upgrade :(

k_kjong says:

Let me win pleaseee.. :)

travo112 says:

Pick me! It'll make a great early birthday gift ;)

vianar says:

Round two. Good luck everyone but I hope I win.

TSCBH says:

I would like to win a new iPhone 5

juvogel says:

I have never had an iPhone and this would be one heck of a first!!

Frank Stallone says:

And they say you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. This makes Frank Stallone happy.

jarevalos1 says:

Please please please pick me :) :)

Carlosalvarado says:

Awww i didnt win but i can still win Pick Me!! Pick Me!! :D THANKS IMORE!!!

vperezpriego says:

Hope i get it this time, it would be great!!

RejectKid says:

I would love to win!!!!!!!!

yahooman123 says:

Do you guys take a bunch of names from here and put them into a iHat?

MFR118 says:

Seeing I'm getting married in exactly 1 month from today and can't spend any money until then this would make for a great wedding present for myself...I mean my future wife. So Rene hook a fellow geek up! And to prove it if I win, I'll send pics from the wedding with a sign thanking iMore!

foulou says:

iPhone 5 second chance

ajmarenco says:

Whoop ! Another chance ! Thanks

jaBBu says:

Maybe this time..... please.........

wonder777 says:

iPhone 5 how I lust for you......

colsheppard says:

One more time for good measure... PLEASE!!!!!!

dash71 says:

Maybe I will win this time!

drivevultures says:

Me!!!! I want, I need!!!! Me! Me! Me!!!


Round two. You guys are awesome!

Randy1375 says:

Need this to replace my iPhone 1

compuser says:

I hope I have better luck in round two. Pick me. Pick me :)

Nicoya2001 says:

Yes!!! Yupi, second chance is better than the first or the last is better than the first? Well, you get the point.

Lpxerodin says:

Congrats on the win Timberwolf! Hook me up next iMore!

Joeleung8888 says:

Hope 2nd time is a Charm! Pick me please

xd1936 says:

Another one?! So awesome! Count me in!

amittilani says:


DMBAdict04 says:

Second time's a charm? :)

dwall021 says:

Pick me! Please save me from my chipped and shattered back iPhone 4!

munchkinsdad says:

Lets get to know each other... iPhone 5, iMore and me!

jessiemay_2817 says:

too bad i did not win in the first one.. hope i get it this time :D

drknight says:

I'd like to win an iPhone 5, please! That would be awesome!

sharmelan says:

Ah, time to wipe up the tears ( for not being in round 1 ), and yell 'Hooray'.... here we go again. Count me in.

lumpkin_omal says:

I won!!!!! Just getting prepared. :)

4Him says:

Wow another chance to win. Thanks iMore! Count me in.

Jlopezjr04 says:

I would love to own the last phone that Steve Jobs designed. I've never owned an iPhone and after about 5 years since the first one came out I would love to own this one.

tailgater says:

I would really really like to win this time around...

elavum says:

This time I will have my own iPhone 5. Thanks imore for another chance.

jddeb6 says:

Hopefully I win this time!

Apollo231 says:

People need to stop adding their comments so I can win this thing Lol

tyladybug says:

I could really use something good to IPhone 5 would make me smile!

WindomE says:

What are my chances of winning?

sikmentality says:

So close... Maybe the 2nd time I'll win.

karot666 says:

I want that iPhone 5! :-D

b0nt4#IM says:

I will be the winner this time around!!

Trusttee says:

What can I say? Please pick me - please.

RaWr says:

If at first I don't succeed, try try again :)