WWDC 2009 iPhone Developer Sessions Now Available from Apple


Apple has let iPhone, iPod touch (and Mac) developers know that World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2009) Sessions are now available for purchase via developer.apple.com:

Watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth technical information on the technologies that power iPhone OS and Mac OS X from the Worldwide Developers Conference 2009.

In addition to the session videos, you’ll also receive access to the presentation slides and sample code so you can make the most out of each session.

After your purchase, download the videos through ADC on iTunes, then take them with you on your Mac, your iPhone, or your iPod touch to view anytime, anywhere.

Costs are $299 each for iPhone or Mac sessions, or discounted to $499 for both.

See the iPhone session list (PDF link) for info on what's included.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

WWDC 2009 iPhone Developer Sessions Now Available from Apple


300 each! Wow apple really thinks they can polish any turf and make a mint off of it.
I mean it really benefits Apple the most from developers having the best resources and refrences right? I mean baddlly built apps cause damage to their consistant user experience.
Just another way for Apple to squeeze as much from their customers and worst of all those that feed Apples bank account the most. The devs!

It's definitely worth it if you are a serious iPhone/mac dev. There is sooo much info on it and great as a reference tool. It's almost 17GB of stuff for the iPhone one alone - hours and hours of video(that's the only one I've got). And the info on it is much better than I got from the Stanford Uni stuff on iTunes. (btw, if you haven't already downloaded the Stanford Vids, DO IT NOW! They'll be taken off soon).

Of course, videos are worth the money. There are not many resources for iphone developers as Apple prevents its app developers from sharing info on its SDK and thus their source codes. So I know I have to buy them eventually.
What I am afraid, however, is that this video set would not be last expensive one I need to buy from Apple. After all, where are source codes and slides used in WWDC? I already miss Windows development environment.
I know this is Apple being Apple. But I think they've never learned from past when PC from IBM became popular while Apple II fizzled. One of the reasons, I remember, was Apple was not kind to its small developers/partners/users.

The one thing that I enjoyed coming from JavaONE was that the slides and some of the videos from the sessions were released for free a couple of months later. However if Apple can make money, and people are willing to pay, why blame them.
My only problem is, if I paid for them and didn't learn anything which often seems to be the case.

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