WWDC 2010 -- Home of New iPhone Introductions -- Kicks off June 28?


A "corporate event" scheduled for Monday, June 28 to Friday, July 2, 2010 has set the internet speculation level to red, as it sounds like the only Moscone Center reservation capable of being next year's Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) -- the event whose keynote has for the last two years featured the introduction of new iPhone hardware.

In 2008 Steve Jobs held up the iPhone 3G (1,2). In 2009 Phil Schiller showed off the iPhone 3GS (2,1). Jobs is back, 4th generation iPhone (3,1) rumors are progressing right on schedule, so... Yeah, we're excited. (And who knows, maybe an iTablet won't be as mythical by then either?)

Apple officially announced WWDC dates in March. Apple also typically holds iPhone Software Sneak Preview Events in March. We're just saying... 2010 is almost here. Bring the future!

[via 9to5mac]

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Reader comments

WWDC 2010 -- Home of New iPhone Introductions -- Kicks off June 28?


June 28? That seems a little later than usual doesn't it? It's usually the second week in June right? I can't remember. I just giddy over the excitement of a new iPhone. My 3G is starting to get clunky.

I agree, it does seem a bit late. I too thought it was usually within the first or second week in June. This sucks, if it's true and the WWDC is in late June to early July then I might be stuck paying a big ETF with Verizon if they do not announce a Verizon iPhone. Figures my contract ends June 17th!

AT&T asked Apple to delay the next iPhone release by two weeks in order to ensure their network is up to par with Verizon's in that time...

Agree with 3g getting clunky. It's starting to run slow too. I wouldn't mind if the new phone comes out earlier.

My contract is up in august. Perfect timing for the long lines and out of stock problems with a new iPhone. My 3G is getting old... Really ready for another revolution. Not just evolution like last time. Please Steve?

I really hope the next iPhone has some whiz-bang features added. I've played with a friend's Drone phone all weekend and let me tell you, the Drone is terrific. It feels great in the palm, it's fast, the screen is nicer, and you can just open it up and swap batteries or add memory. Makes me a little mad that I can't do any of that with my 3GS.
I still like my 3GS better, but only by a tiny little bit. The next iPhone better be impressive.

Hopefully the next phone is great! I have til dec 2010 to upgrade but would love to see the new one! I have a jb 3g so it would be hard to go back to "normal".