WWDC 2011, iPhone 5, iOS 5 GM to be announced June 5-9?

WWDC 2011, iPhone 5, iOS 5 GM to be announced June 5-9?

Moscone Center has a "Corporate Meeting" scheduled for June 5 - June 9, 2011 which looks to be the only period long enough to fit in Apple's annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) event where iPhone 5 and the final version of iOS 5 would likely be announced. Of course there's always the possibility of misdirection or last-minute shuffling so until Apple opens up registration we won't know for sure. Still, it's something.

Given the typical keynote structure, we'd then be looking for Steve Jobs (or an assortment of Apple execs including Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Scott Forstall, etc.) to take the stage on Monday, June 6, a year and a day following the iPhone 4 announcement in 2010.

Yeah, we haven't even gotten an iPad 2 announcement or iOS 5 beta preview yet, but we're still getting excited!

[setteb.it via 9to5mac]

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WWDC 2011, iPhone 5, iOS 5 GM to be announced June 5-9?


No 'official' news will come until it is time for Apple. Even the 11th hour news is often incorrect and from unreliable sources.
I first started the rumor tracking with the 3GS and while it is fun to know that possibilities of what the new equipment will have, it often makes of a let down once the device is announced.

Based on last year, yes, but the first year (one time occurrence) does not mean that it is a trend to bank on.

Starting to get numb to the updates. They are every year but I wonder what features ios5 will bring ios4 is very solid and feature full

Don't forget the white iPhone 4.
What's with people putting first at the start of every post? Some people need to get a life....