WWDC Banners: More iPhone than Mac?


We linked to a WWDC banner a few days ago that highlighted iPhone apps. Looks like it wasn't alone. Cocoia Blog has posted a few more pictures, another on apps (covering the entire front entrance facade of Moscone Center, above), and one on iPhone OS 3.0. Not so many for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which simply retreads, and now has to share the "World's most advanced operating system" tag. Check out the full post for more, but the disparity led them comment:

It does seem like the Mac is just a small side-note, though.

Since both run versions of OS X, and we've seen several times that technology from each one get factored back into the other (iPhone Quicktime is said to advanced Quicktime X for Snow Leopard), there's no doubt plenty of work still going into both, but the emphasis may show where Apple thinks a lot of its future revenue and attention may lie...

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Reader comments

WWDC Banners: More iPhone than Mac?


I think they're right that Mac is primarily a side-note, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Snow Leopard is nothing flashy, and while developers are excited to use it, there isn't much there that will revolutionize their Mac OS X programs. iPhone 3.0, however, os a completely different story. In addition to it still being an OS still in its infancy and bursting with growth, 3.0 offers developers heretofore unheard of access to the iPhone (primarily doc access, Bluetooth, and in-app purchases) that will likely produce some incredible stuff. That's a big deal, so that's what Apple is promoting.
So yes, Mac is taking a major backseat this year, but it is still a core component of Apple and their developer base, and I'm sure it will be back in the spotlight before long.

Snow Leopard seems like Apple just getting OSX ready for more substantial changes/features in the future. The "big" changes this time around are on the iPhone.

Well, if anyone was still thinking that maybe Apple would hold off on their iPhone announcement, I would officially like to declare you wrong. Is it Monday yet??

And let's face it, the iPhone is the "cool" platform out there at the moment. Something like half the iPhone developers are new to Apple development. These people, although they may have no intention whatsoever right now - are learning howto develop for Snow Leopard and beyond too!

Apple doesn't usually allow any video or audio streams during the event. Some people try, but either get caught and shut down, or the load of people who jump on to watch/listen brings the service crashing down.
Apple posts a stream soon after, then a podcast later.

I agree with redbeard can't wait any more!
I wanna whatch the whole deal about the iPhone at wwdc. Will they stream just parts of it or whole deal???

They'll stream the whole thing.
I'm watching on my phone from their video podcast. I hate spoiling things by reading blogs, etc.

I would expect this of Apple at this time. The iPhone is their baby, and probably the largest source of growth they are currently looking at. The iPod market is pretty much saturated, everyone has an iPod and often more than one. Mac computers are selling well but there are only so many people Apple will ever get to pay the price they ask for them. Some people will just never be interested in the Mac for various reasons.
The mobile market is still wide open. It moves quickly and everyone is scrambling for their piece of the pie. People have a much different relationship with their mobile phone than their computer. They tend to replace them much faster than their computers, keeping the market active.
It only makes sense to focus on the iPhone right now with all the other "iPhone killers" coming out in the next 2 months. Apple has to keep it front and center.

As much as I want 3.0, I am actually more excited for Snow Leopard. I was really hoping that this year's WWDC would at least have a demo or 4 showing how Grand Central can help certain common tasks. I understand the focus on the iPhone at this point, but I hope it does not delay the 10.6 series.

Sting7k is right. The market is trending away from computers and towards mobile devices. This includes netbooks which apple technically doesn't sell - yet. The 3.0 OS will take them there if they decide to go in that direction. If not there's still the iPhone & iPod Touch which sell well and are the biggest product category for Apple.
Snow Leopard is significant and as someone pointed out the foundation of Apples next great features (for all products). The problem is that there's not a lot of a show with Snow Leopard since the changes are under the hood.

Stop trolling. OS X beats any windows system that will ever be made.
You ignorant windows users are so blindly stubborn.

Why are you even on an iPhone blog?
Oh yeah, cuz you have nothing better to do on windows!!!
OS X is way etter you just have to try it to see what your missing.
Go on living your miserable life. I pity you.