Your iPhone will soon open doors for you at Starwood hotels

Starwood Hotels, which include the W and Aloft brands, will soon allow you to do everything from check-in to opening your room using only your smartphone. The Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) app will house your room key right on your phone, which will then be able to unlock your room by connecting to a special lock via Bluetooth and a twisting motion. The program is expected to roll out soon, according to Starwood:

Coming soon: SPG® will roll out a revolutionary new program that puts the power of your room key on your mobile device. Soon Starwood Preferred Guest® members can open their hotel room from their SPG App — no extra baggage. Consider this one more key to a better stay.

How do you feel about using your iPhone as your hotel key, and do you hope other hotel chains adopt this feature? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Starwood

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is a news reporter for iMore. He's also chilling out and having a sandwich.

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

blondyblondy says:

I love this idea. It's convenient and smart! Now if I could only pay for the room with my phone too. NFC anyone?

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mulasien says:

Being that my credit card is for Starwoods loyalty points, this will be nice when we go on vacation this year.

GlennRuss says:

Great idea. I would like one more feature. The phone alerts me if someone goes into my room when I am not there.

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Vanti says:

Such As when the maids or cleaning people come in to clean???

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osofast240sx says:

Here comes big data! They are going track you the moment you step off of the plane, and have your favorite meal ready. This is a lot bigger than just opening the door, but a door is being opened your privacy!

jason_adrian says:

Because this is somehow different from checking in with your name & credit card and then using a keycard specifically assigned to you?

Vanti says:

This is a great idea. It's one way to be able to simplify our lives and make unnecessary extras disappear. The only problem I can see with this is if the gyroscope in your phone is malfunctioning or begins to malfunction while your on vacation it would be a burdensome to have to go back to the lobby, get a key, and remember not to forget it. If this were to go main stream it would begin to condition first world people like expecting wifi everywhere we go...

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asuperstarr says:

That is a great feature and good feature for the customers.

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Ipheuria says:

The idea is a cool one. I think the twisting motion is a little hokey a simple tap on the lock would have been better for me. There will be fears like what if I lose my smartphone but what would be the difference if you lost your room card?