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20 Things We Don't Know about iPhone

ComputerWorld has posted a list of top questions that remain unanswered about iPhone. Things like...oh, I don't know...whether it will be offered unlocked, or whether battery life will suck. I know these questions are certainly on my mind.

Read on.

Update: Mike Cane blogged a few questions of his own.

  • Some Questions About the Apple iPhone
  • Good Q's. I'll link to this.
  • Beware of companies, like ATT, that have to constantly change names in order to try to keep market share. Even if the Iphone wasn’t saddled with a lame, nagging, incompatible interface like Itunes, having to deal with the horrendous customer service that Cingular or AT&T (or whatever name they are trying to hide behind) will make the device the biggest waste of money since the Fat Mac. Yes, I have $3800 worth of empty, orphaned, promise holding a door open at my house. I also have box with two useless phones that I bought from Cingular last year. I had to give up and get a real phone company when I couldn’t even find a complaint department, let alone anyone who could do anything but ask me to deposit more money.