23% of AT&T users would switch to Verizon iPhone [survey]

Credit Suisse has run a survey asking, if AT&T lost iPhone exclusivity, would users switch to another carrier like Verizon. 23% said they would go to Verizon while 3% would go to Sprint and 2% to T-Mobile.

When TiPb ran a Verizon-only switching poll, 34% of our readers said they'd make the switch in a heartbeat, while 20% said they were AT&T for life, and the said it would depend on the plans and rates.

We'll only know for certain when and if iPhone goes non-exclusive in the US, but that's got to happen at some point, right? The only question is whether or not it happens before a white iPhone 4 ships, or the Beatles hit iTunes...

[Business Insider]

Rene Ritchie

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