Close to 4,000 iPhones Stolen from Belgium Warehouse

Over the weekend in Belgium thieves made a clean getaway with close to 4,000 iPhones. The market value of that many iPhones, 2 million euros, or $3 million U.S.

The iPhone thieves cut a hole in the ceiling of a warehouse where the devices were being stored waiting to be delivered to Mobistar in time for holiday shopping season. According to Mobistar, local police have zero leads but think twice about landing one of these phones as a spokesperson from Mobistar is promising they will not work.


blockquote>"We have the serial numbers of stolen iPhones blocked anyway so they can not be used,""People who want to buy an iPhone, which is best done in an approved outlet and not on street or on the black market."

In the end, crime does not pay folks...

IM Staff

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