Want a 32GB iPhone for Macworld?

MacRumors is passing on... well... rumors from MacBlogz of a 32GB iPhone! Says MacRumors:

The reason the largest iPhone (16GB) currently has 1/2 the memory of the largest iPod touch (32GB) is that the iPhone can only house a single NAND Flash chip while the iPod touch can accommodate two. The additional space in the iPhone is taken up by its communication hardware. In August, Toshiba announced that they would begin mass production of higher density 32GB chips in the 4th quarter of 2008.

Intel, they go on to say, may well bump the capacity even further -- to a startling 64GB -- by early next year. Sound crazy? Heh. With Macworld coming in just over a month, we ain't seen nothing yet on the rumor front.

Still, 32GB is drool worthy, and something we here at TiPb are predicting for next year as part of a third generation iPhone HD, so you know we wants it.

How about you? Is 16GB enough, or is it always going to be a case of the more, the better?

Rene Ritchie

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  • its not the flash drive that counts, its the usability of the phone im concerned with. Apple came up short with basic phone functions you find in most cheap phones. Iphone has too many bugs to fix, so please keep your finger cross that they address this first before selling as a new buggy expensive hardware.
  • By the time I ever get close to filling 6 gigs, I'm already swapping things out... so I'll never need that much "portable" storage when I'm "on the go." What am I going to do, look at 10,000 photos and listen to 30,000 songs when I'm not home?
    I doubt that HD on such a small screen is going to be that impressive. I mean, the naked eye has it's limits. I think there will be a "noticeable" difference for the better, but not as significant as people may think. But that's subjective, I guess.
  • @phsgigolo I agree with you to a degree. But lets be honest nothing exists without bugs.
    the 32gb is a nice idea, but I don't see that happening soon enough really. the 3g has only had 6months on the market, considering its launch in July. I would definitely need more info.
  • @Steve LOL, that is a damn good point
  • Happy with the 8GB in my iPhone, but would love 64GB in my iPod touch so I can carry more video.
  • A 32G.. WOW.. An HD...Amazing..... How about the 3G? What are we going to do with it. Spend more $$ with these new gadgets??? When is it gonna end. Apple is forcing us to burn our money every six months like the way Microsoft does with their OS. Apple please dont frustrate your 3g users. Make the phone work for at least a year. Fix the bugs and put more functionality in it... please.
  • I have a 16GB and I have never come close to filling it. I'd rather see the function of the phone improved before adding more storage that I don't really need.
  • 32 gigs on the most advanced phone in the world? fine by me! :)
    (Although, dont expect it at macworld, its planned to be announced in june)
  • I still have a 1g 4gig. ANYTHING larger would be a blessing.
  • I would prefer they shrink the chips and keep the capacity the same so that they can put a slightly larger battery in. Especially if push ever comes we will need more juice for sure. Also fixing the new bugs that 2.2 introduced would be nice too
  • iphone has no bugs, never has.
  • @iAirmanshirk
    Hear, hear!
  • @phsgigolo compair one single phone with the same functionality and you will find more bugs than the iphone will ever have. I've had a windows mobile based phone (htc magician and htc artemis) for 4 years and the iPhone is such a relief, i still enjoy doing ANYTHING on the iphone every day compaired to my previous phones.
  • 32gb? Sign me up! Even better? Add an ability in iTunes to downconvert music during sync like on the shuffle. I could hold out longer for more storage if I could put AAC songs on the phone instead of lossless, but I sure want to avoid creating duplicate songs just for syncing.
    Sure, sync times would be longer, but it's a choice I'd choose, FWIW.
  • I am very impress with Apple's R/D. They innovate too fast so that they can earn more money on us. Apple is very greedy indeed not worrying about the economy. Its money, money baby. Apple straighten your act and please Fix the 3g phone. Put more functionality in it so we can truly call it an apple iphone.
  • Why are umpteen people saying that Apple can't fix bugs or improve functionality, while at the same time expanding storage on a new model? There's no conflict! They have nothing do with one another!
    For those who can use a 32GB iPhone, it's amazing and wonderful that the technology will become available for them soon, while the phones we already have will also continue to be updated with the same features at the same pace as usual. Granted, I personally know a few people who will foolishly pay the extra couple of hundred dollars just to have the biggest and baddest and then never use half of it. But there's no reason Apple should sit on it's hands and allow the competition (and I use the term VERY loosely) to gain on them.
    32GB, 64GB, 128GB... bring it on!
  • What i heard was:
    the 32g and 64g is a new gadget that comes with HD resolution. Apple wont just add storage to the existing 3g phone.
  • All I want is STEREO BLUETOOTH. Sorry for the yelling, it was either that, or profanity. This is such a no-brainer. Oh and bluetooth microphone support, not just for the phone, but for all apps, so I can do voice notes and voice search any time without fiddling with the phone, just by touching the headset and speaking.
    And then an SD card slot would be nice.
    And a better camera.
    And some way to organize all these apps, without getting into Windows start-menu la-la land.
  • @mark
    wait for the nokia n7 ull like it
  • 16 , well 14.whatever GB isn't really enough. I was hoping for a 32gb this summer and was willing to pay a extra 100 for it.
    HD and 802.11n isn't enough for me to get the iPhone HD because I don't buy HD movies from itunes. I think the music videos, movies and tv shows I Download are in good quality. I have a 802.11n device in my home but I think b/g on the iphone is okay.
    The only thing I that would make me get the HD is 32gb and really good bettery life.
  • 32Gb sounds great....but apple need to perfect the iPhone on a software and stability level first!
  • who cares about capacity. With Orb I can stream all my videos on my hard drive to my phone on edge/wifi/3G. I use simplify media for my 100 gigs of music......
    in matter of fact, I only put movies on my phone when flying...I don't have anything on my iPhone right now. I just stream everything, and battery life isn't as bad as it could be. I'm one happy camper.
  • The benefit of a speedy internet connection greatly outweighs that of a larger drive. Most of the media that comes through my iPhone comes streaming of the web. Podcasts and videos rarely have enough repeat value to warrant a continued presence while on-the-go. For me, the iPhone is a portal not a storage device. I use the iPhone to connect to media elsewhere, which makes the importance of download speed monumental. A 32GB drive alone would not warrant an upgrade for me.
  • Please bring the 32GB soon!!!
  • I hope they bring this out asap but I'll wait for the next gen iPhone or "iPhone HD" to buy another iPhone. I'm not falling for the lure of storage space to purchase another iPhone at full retail price.
    Bring on the 64GB flash baby!
  • When I exchanged my 30GB 5th gen iPod for the 16GB iPhone as my primary portable media device, I thought the lower capacity would be the biggest problem. While there have been moments when I wanted to listen to a song or album not on my iPhone, it's been much more manageable than I imagined.
    The top of my iPhone Wishlist, though, now consists of one item: video capture. Flip Mino is cool, but the iPhone has spoiled me to carrying only one device, and I'd rather that device do it all.
  • While 32g would be very welcome, Apple needs to address the obvious, glaring functionality issues (hello, cut & paste?) in the existing iPhone base before messing around with this.
  • 32 GB will be fine if they tweak the software to make the hardware acts like a mini pc. other than that i'll just keep my 16 GB. hopefully, apple will add functionality on it and fix all the bugs.
  • I think all the iPhone need is to fix all the bugs even though I think they can't do that because the problem is with the internal software that's why other companies learned from the iPhone g1 tested there phone out for 6 months an the blackberry push back it's release date so they could make sure they don't have problems like the iPhone did but all in all the iPhone only needs multimedia to b close to perfect the next iPhone will b perfect because they will test it first.
  • i want it
  • 32GB huh? Cool!
    But what would have really attracted me would be a camera designed for 3G network(come on, 2MP are you kidding me? BTW, has Mr Jobs ever heard about visiophone applications?), real bluetooth capabilities, and...copy/paste function!
    How come a so called smartphone is unable to do such a basics? Really sounds ridiculous...
    But damn, the product is gorgeous!!! #^-^#
    That's what Apple is all about, poor technology, but great design and aggressive marketing.
    You almost got me Steve, try again! ;p
  • I'd love to see a 32gb iphone. I 'traded' my 80gb classic for a 16gb iphone a few weeks ago and although the trade-off was worth it for the most part, I'm already missing the storage. I filled up 16 gb in the first week. I just hope there'll be a way to trade up without paying full price for a new one.
  • Never happen, not by itself anyway. Most users would be happy to stick with their 8/16 models - it won't be enough to entice them to extend their contracts
    More likely is a new device in 2009 which will have a handful of physical upgrades to entice users e.g. more memory, OLED screen, better camera with flash possibly, faster/better Wifi and significantly better battery life.
  • First of all, make the phone better:
    -cut and paste
    -ability to open,edit and create office docs
    -the ability to shoot video
    -the ability to send and open pics and video in
    -the ability to costonize the home screen, even like a windows start menu
    -the ability to have calls, tasks, and calendar show on the home page
    -the ability to send via BT and IR
    -a real Bluetooth that can run other objects and print
    -a real iTunes and the ability to download direct
    -nokia like ability to send contact data
    -a map program that allows you to manage the size
    -a removable data storage slot
    -32 gb buy also the ability to upgrade the is and media storage
  • can we just adapt a 32gb ipod touch flashdrive to an iphone?
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