3G iPhones are Here! Well, Somewhere...

Looks like we’ll have to add analyzing shipping manifests and tracking import/export data to help wanted ads and patent watching. It’s tough being an Apple enthusiast, no?

The folks over at Import Genius have reason to believe that the 3G iPhone is already stateside. After analyzing data from thousands of U.S. customs declarations for Apple, Inc. they have found 188 unidentified containers of a product never before imported by the company. Hint, hint: 3G iPhone.

“They have never before reported this product on their customs declarations,” says Ryan Petersen of ImportGenius.com. “The fact that they are importing millions of units, combined with dwindling stocks of the first generation of iPhones, clearly supports the Citi analysts predictions.”

Citi analysts prediction: June 9th. Granted they didn’t provide the exact documents for proof, this bit of news furthers the theory of a June launch and adds more buzz to the already busy rumor-pile.

So where are we going to get the next 3G rumor from? Someone who dug through Steve Job’s trash? Should the paparazzi start following him around? Can’t we just fast-forward to June already?

Thanks Ryan


  • That's not a very good report. While they might be able to get away with not describing the product but Apple still has to make entry with US Customs using an Harmonized Tariff Code so that they can pay import duties. The code will describe the commodity even in general terms (aka cellular phone). Finally, it's rare to hear about containers of cell phones. Generally, electronics are shipped via air rather than vessel. While it may be true that the phones are here I'd need more information that what's in this report.
  • typically cell phones arent shipped with that many at once either though reptile. Plus they know there isnt a big rush so they probably used the containers to save some money.
  • I know, but for product launches in electronics it's typical for the importer to charter 747's. There's more control that way. Believe it or not there's still quite a bit of theft and piracy plaguing the maritime industry. The iPhone is a very prized target and it doesn't take much to pay the right folks (loading dock workers at the factory) to get intel on container numbers, etc.
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