4G LTE Verizon iPhone probably not leaked via App Store screenshot

We love our TiPb Nation tipsters and commenters because nothing gets past you guys -- including screenshots in the App Store of the new Dolphin Browser for iPhone that have the words Verizon and 4G in the top bar.

Did the developer somehow have access to pre-release Verizon LTE hardware from Apple, and some bumbling Will Farrell type intern forgot to remove the SIM card for one screenshot? Did a similarly bumbling Tina Fey style apprentice App Store reviewer fail to notice it during the infamous approval process and let it into the store?

Or is this just some really messed up, confusing screenshot (or Photoshop job), with 4G in the wrong place... that also got past the developer and the App Store reviewer and onto the store?

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  • Except it has to be a photoshop since the 3G is usually by the service bars and is replaced by the wifi signal...so even if it was 4G you would not see that. On the other hand, it may be a hint someone is trying to leave for us. I honestly believe deep down the one more thing/shocker at the iphone's unveiling will be LTE. Apple will crush the competition.
  • And now the screenshots say no sim. Hmmm. Quick cover up?
  • Nevrmind the screenshot is only on the iTunes app store. i looked on the iPhone app store. That screenshot is weird anyway because the verizon and battery icons aren't at the edge of the screen. But still the other screenshots that say no sim gives reason to pause. Why would they have that unless they were attempting to hide something that would otherwise be on the status bar.
  • U can easily jailbreak and use apps to rearrange the status bar, u can also get an app that lets u say 4g, 5g, 6g, I think u get the point. No leaks or photoshop needed, just easy to find apps in Cydia. I have done these myself.
  • it wouldn't say "4G" if the wi-fi signal is on - and the wi-fi signal is on in the pic!
  • Is this really news?
    Seriously this is NOT news at all.
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  • Is it possibly from an android device? This is a droid app ported to iOS, right?
  • this is fake cause if it was true Apple wouldn't have let it pass by
  • Who is Will Farrell?
  • Really TiPb? You've never heard of jailbreaking?