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WSJ jumps on the 4th gen iPhone on Verizon Rumor bandwagon!

We shoulda know the moment we lamented the lack of 4th generation iPhone (not iPhone 4G!) rumors that along would come our most mythical of rumored beasts -- the iPhone on Verizon. But this time it's no less than the Wall Street Journal that's mongering.

Citing the elusive "people briefed on the matter", the WSJ says Apple will likely release another GSM model this summer, just like clockwork, manufactured by the usual suspects at Hon Hai Precision Industry. A second iPhone of CDMA flavor (compatible with Verizon and Sprint) is said to be set up at Pegatron Technology Corp. for manufacturing in September.

What's with the wonky timeline? We don't know and no one in a position to know is talking. So take this with an iPad-sized grain of salt and speculate away in the comments!

[Thanks to Jeremy for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Here we go!
  • again :D
  • I'm looking forward to what Big Steve classes as "an A upgrade" in the 4th Gen iPhone...
  • It's. Not. Going. To. Happen.
    Look for T-Mobile LONG before Sprint or even Verizon, if for no other reason than to spite them. You can't poke fun at Apple's flagship and expect them to hand it to you.
    The "map for that" commercials and now the "4G hotspot" commercials have sealed their fates.
    I have a friend that works for AT&T here in the Seattle area. For months near the middle of last year they were emailing internally telling everyone to expect a shift to Verizon (called out by name) during Q1 this year. Then those commercials ramped up for Christmas and they attacked the iPhone directly. All of a sudden the emails stop and AT&T continues to have an exclusive contract with Apple.
    Think about it.
  • Agreed, Verizon will be lucky to get it, but to say sprint is going to get it is insane! I just can't see AT&T letting the iPhone go and with PCWorld magazines test resualts, AT&T didn't fair to bad! Plus Verizon and Sprint have both been sucking the d of android.
  • I wanna see it over there for the sheer pleasure of watching it bring the network down.
  • Never !!!!!!
  • It's all about the money and verizon has the biggest network. Apple would be stupid to not let it on Verizon because it would sell more phones and allow people to take iPhones off the AT&T network which would help AT&T's terrible network.
  • This is just BEAUTIFUL, I'm leaving as soon as Steve confirms it at WWDC!!! I'm really looking forward to the upgrades for the new iPhone4X (4th time). If its the same 3GS just with different guts(CDMA) coming to VZW, then I'll be HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. We all know about 64GB memory upgrade, that's a given. I wonder what else Apple has up their turtlenecks?
  • how bout eff verizon ill stick with at&t?
    4th gen iphone predictions: apple A5 processor at 1.5GHZ (anyone?), iPhone os 4.0 (duh), 5 megapixel camera (maybe 8?), and a 2 megapixel frontfacing isight camera! obviously thinner than the current 3GS, 720p video recording, LED backlit screen with 400x800 screen resolution.
  • bs
  • HD for all.
  • @tehki do you even know what any of those terms mean? You mist be new to the apple scene because apple has never released an upgrade to an existing platform in the way you describe.
  • i'll believe when i see it
  • I honestly don't see how a company like Verizon can spend millions on bad-mouthing the iPhone and then suddenly be granted holy grail of smart phones by God....errrr..uhh...Steve Jobs.
  • I HOPE NOT! ATT THAT's where it's @ for iPhone... Idk I just feel it would not be right but, business is business right?!?!
  • heck yeah i will jump back to verizon without skipping a beat if it went to verizon i use to have verizon then got the iphone and the phone is great but is missing something and that is the network is not consintent at all with att behind it. Verizon is the best and will have 4g coverage where ever they have 3g coverage by the end of 2011.. hell att isn't going to start on lte intill about 2011.. u poeple can say it's going to bring down there network but is far from it..look at all the aircards that verizon has they have probley 4 times the aircards on there network than att does and they still can run data hungry phone on the network no problem like the droid for example..i hope it does come to verizon . i wonder where all the money is going with att cause they never seem to try and grow there network or wait intill after everybody else has tried it . they will never be a pioneer of something thats for sure
  • I can't WAIT to get back over to Verizon. They have a MUCH wider network; the CDMA technology is FAR superior. The ONLY reason I went AT&T is for the iPhone. It's the ONLY phone that ever made me say "oh, I've GOTTA have that!" I hope Verizon's version of the iPhone has the Palm feature of operating as a mobile hotspot so I can use my iPad with it...
  • Not going to happen at this time. Imagine a CDMA iphone on verizon with 2-year contract. Where will you be at LTE launch? There simple is not enough "useful life" for a CDMA iPhone unless its an LTE capable one which is very unlikely to happen at this year or next.
    Look, the iPad had been rumored to be on Verizon and AT&T's name never surfaced, look where it landed? Huh!
    How about the Nexus One, isn't that rumored to be on Verizon too? But it looked like VZW is going to be the last to bring that on board to their network.
  • @Josh They pioneered the iphone didn't they?
  • I'd like to say I'd dump AT&T instantly and go to Verizon, to gain the data and better voice network. However, I really do like being able to use UMTS data while chatting on the phone. That'd be tough to beat.
  • I rather have an iPhone on the Sprint network than on Verizon Wireless.
  • @rickyd no they didn't apple did verizon turned down the contract with apple so they went to AT&T from there. So yeah I'm pretty sure AT&T could never build something like the iPhone when it first came out.
  • The time could NOT be better for Apple to introduce a CDMA iPhone especially with Verizon Nexus One coming out imminently.
  • When/if the iPhone is released on Verizon, I guess we won't see anymore of those "So, say you're on hold and you want to download ______ ...." commercials because it won't be possible on CDMA.
  • CDMA is no longer going to be a limiting factor in the coming years as Verizon and AT&T will both be using LTE Technology.
  • If the IPhone comes to VZ I will be so happy to throw this POS BB Storm at a brick wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I vaguely agree that there may be legit marketing reasons for Apple to get on Verizon, but I doubt it's going to happen before LTE - I basically look at CDMA the way Steve looks at Flash - a standard that's really non-standard and eventually will be replaced.
  • Yeah but CDMA is more reliable than flash. GSM is more like flash player when it comes to phone technology being reliable. Plus like I said before apple came to verizon first with the iPhone offer so i'm pretty sure Steve doesn't see Verizon as like a flash player issue. Also LTE verizon will have should allow u to talk and get data at the same time. But hell I'm on wifi with AT&T most of the time so it doesn't matter. Cause with verizon phones if ur on wifi u could get data while on a call.
  • I have been waiting for this possibility since 2007! iPhone capability with the Verizon network!
  • *
    WRONG! It's China Unicoms 2010 upgrade - which runs a different version of CDMA than the US.
    Oh hey, remember all those rumors yesterday about a new iPhone coming out for Verizon that had everyone all excited? Well, analysts, wet blankets that they are, had to go and ruin the fun. Maynard J. Um, an analyst who is only indecisive in name, was quick to deem a Verizon launch "unlikely" for this year, with CDMA iPhones possibly going to China Telecom or Japan's KDDI. [AppleInsider]
  • If apple decides to make an iphone for Verizon it should not come as a surprise to anyone. How many people do we all know that would love an Iphone if Verizon had one or really anyone other then AT&T and instead have gotten droids, or gone HTC. Apple + Verizon = $$$$$ period. " You know that was messed up what you said in those adds about our product, we want to buy 2 million Iphones at your agreed price, DEAL." If they did decide to do a Verizon release after the roughly annual Iphone ( AT&T ) release, it should come as no surprise. They have millions ( not sure of exact number ) of AT&T customers including myself that they want to please with hopefully and A+ upgrade as well as needing to give AT&T time to maximize their customer base. Only then bringing a Iphone to Verizon and opening the flood gates to really see what there made of. Personally I would love to be able to make phone calls from my iphone from my downstairs living room or from anywhere els Verizon phones can make calls from. But I love my Iphone enough to endure threw 3 different models and cellular service that drives me crazy. But threw it i try to remain loyal because I know that for the most part, every Iphone user I know, knows the love hate relationship that comes with owning an iphone now. If they go to Verizon that will definitely effect AT&T's user base.
  • The part all you guys are missing is" "Exclusive 5 year contract with AT&T" do any of you actually think there is not a clause in the contract covering similar product release to another carier? verizon and sprint both passed on the iphone deal with apple because they would not release control of the phone exclusively to apple, at&t took the chance. in addition, at&t expects their company owned stores to sell in excess of 50% of all phones being iphones. They are still doing that.
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