64GB 4th Gen iPhone, 128GB 4th Gen iPod touch Next Year?

It was bound to happen, but with Toshiba announcing that it's managed to cram 64GB of NAND flash memory onto a single chip, we can now officially start the rumors of a 64GB iPhone and 128GB iPod touch... perhaps as soon as next year's 4th generation models if prices get low enough fast enough.

The iPod touch doesn't have to worry about all the phone-related radios, and so has double the slots for memory, so it will likely always get twice as much storage as the iPhone, and at 128GB might Apple finally retire the veteran (and last) hard drive-based iPod classic?

9to5mac also posits those same chips would work mighty fine in a mythical iTablet in lieu of an SSD drive.

Apple typically releases new iPhones in June/July, new iPod touches in September, and hasn't announced any iTablets... yet.

Rene Ritchie

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  • I don't care about memory so much but they better release something lot better than Droid!
  • what bbym said
  • meh, I want multi tasking, live widgets and HD video recording otherwise I'm switching to HTC Bravo/Passion.
  • O a 64gb iPhone would be Lovely!
  • What till that google phone comes out with 1ghz of speed
  • With the purchase of Lala, iTunes may be cloud based soon. Why the need for 64GB as a selling point? Give me the ability to save docs to my iPhone. I am tired of Apple using more memory as the main selling point of new gen iPhones.
  • Agree I don't care bout memory new iPhone better have bigger screen or my money is on HD2
  • I could careless about 64gb of memory. I have the 32gb phone and thought I would easily fill it with my 130gb+ of media on my pc. I filled it up and quickly realized I listened to a handful of artist/albums. Now I'm down to roughly 10gb.
    I'm more interested in multi-tasking, HD video and a flash.
  • Interesting how you use "The Flash" in the overlay, and a blur effect to indicate that somehow more storage space equals more speed.
    Of course that analogy is incorrect, but nice try.
  • I could use more space, why not? And a 128 GB iPod Touch could make a lot of sense for some folks. But as others have said, Apple needs to bring more to the table than just more memory.
  • Wow, critiquing the graphic, really? Looks like Nick Paldino is hard to please!
  • The ipod will get double the memory of the touch if they keep it.
    I can find a ton of stuff I would keep on my phone if I had more space, I just limit myself for now
  • How many of you are aware that Android can use a max of 256MB for applications> or how slow it is..or that it doesn't have multi-touch, or that syning content is awful...
  • Lol thisbis truly funny. More memory? Like everyone here said, give us what we really want from our iPhone. Multitasking and widgets. It's the future, and android is already taking it's first steps in becoming that dominent force in the smartphone world that rightly belongs to iPhone. I have most of what is mentioned like multitasking and few lockscreen widgets on my jailbroken 3g but why must it be jailbroken to do these things. So frustrated to why apple just can't make it happen. Instead it tells us about more memory. Good god why???
  • @Palidino, the graphic shows the original Jay Garrick golden-age Flash evolving into the Barry Allen silver-age Flash evolving into the Kingdom Come future Flash, so while it can (and sometimes does) connote speed, it also connotes evolution and the increasing absurdity in having to continually top what came before.
    Thanks for the classy, generous, and whats-best-about-the-internet-and-humanity reply though :)
  • Bring in the multitasking!!!!!!
  • What we users really need for the new generation iPhone is the increase in available memory, say something like 250GB. RAM memory 512MB. Processor speed of 1GHz. Support of flash in the web browser. Increase in battery life. Flash for the camera. And finally much more than 11 homescreens.
  • Sweet dreams hishaam! 250GB yea right...
  • Keep it focused on hardware. 3GS is speedy enough for me. But of course we want better screens, 24bit color, and higher rez. And able to do HD video. So a chip bump would be nice to accommodate it without losing speed.
    It's really essential to see that better screen as devices like the HD2, Droid, Passion, Nexus One, and more will continue to make the iphone's screen look like crap. Even the Pre's does.
    As for the 64gb..i'd be ok at 32gb. That's really not too important to me. Would buy the 64gb version of course :P
  • Until they release an iPod with over 160 GBs, I won't be interested, as my 160 GBs is officially full :P.
  • Better battery life and a user-replaceable battery are tops on my list.
  • Anything over 8GB is fine. I have a home. :roll:
  • I want a bigger, high res screen, a camera flash, louder speakers with better quality, a completely revamped OS, at least a 1Ghz processor, 1 full GB of ram would be awesome, and of course 64GB storage space. And give us a whole new case. Wow me please. On the apps side, we need an iWork that's fully featured, and a highly integrated experience with all the social stuff. Like integrating peoples facebook status, Twitter status and all in one app for contacts etc.
  • Apple is going to have to innovate something in the new model. Let's face it, after three generations the iPhone is still essentially the same. Aside from minor hardware and software upgrades nothing has changed. If apple doesn't want to go the way of the palm os, they need to do something awesome and fast, or the excitement of an apple product in people's pocket will get old in a hurry.
  • If they could double or triple battery life again. Charging the battery is the number one issue imo.
  • I dont understand why their is so much focus on memory. I have a 16 gb iPhone 3GS and I barely fill up the entire thing. Apple should instead focus on speed and creativity.
  • I'd like better batter life
  • Why focus on memory when there are so many more other features necessary the 4th gen iPhone needs to have to set ngreater standards
    For starters:
    *An HD screen would be nice
    *Tag along some HD video recording abilty with that :D
    *A new look would be refresing.
  • LOUDER SPEAKERPHONE! It's crazy how loud the bb bold is compared to the 3gs. I have to put my phone in a mug to made it echo louder
  • 2 1 GHZ processors would be awesome. Blow everything right out of the water. The chips aren't that big. Much better graphics cards to compete with the PSP and such. 480 or even 720p. THAT would get my money:) and I guess 64 could be necessary for high quality games that used those graphics cards and high res. Oh. And 5 MP 2x optical zoom.
    Thank you Santa
  • more memory doesn't seem to be on the top of the list for a lot of people, but Apple needs to do it. If Apple was successful at putting that 1ghz processor in, an OLED HD screen, and blah blah blah, but left the storage capacity the same, people would still complain. Apple finally has serious competition and I hope they can once again set the bar even higher for the competitors.
    As for those wanting a revamped OS, don't expect anything too drastic. if you look at the evolution of their OS X, it really hasn't had drastic cosmetic changes. rather they focus on speed and user friendly UI's.
    All in all, as long as apple continues to innovate and progress ahead of the competitors, yet keep it simple for the average guy, they will have a highly sought after product and I will continue to buy them.
    oh, and I'd like to see more Apple designed software like iWork, as mentioned earlier, as well.
  • I Think we will eventually see upgrades to memory as far as the line are available. Apple has been doing this almost systematically since their very first iPod. What I really see coming next year is an add up to the Touch line and a shrink on the traditional iPod Line. I have a more detailed analysis on my blog, check at http://ow.ly/LRv
    Love to discuss it and to know your opinion.
  • Sorry guys, It seems I miss typed the shortend URL :( Kindly just go forward to the blog url: http://blog.atawakkol.com
    Sorry again for the mistake.
  • I've stated before that all it will take for me to upgrade from 16Gb 3g is 64Gb of storage, maybe I'll add the requirement of improved battery life as well.
    I'm quite happy with the hardware, any improvements are welcomed.
    I do see a lot of improvement for the OS though, much of it wishful thinking eg. the ability to transfer and store documents over Bluetooth/USB (Air Sharing is great but not always useable)
  • I would like to be true multi-tasking no on just a couple of applications, bigger display, the ability to access file structure / file manager of the iphone so tha I could store my documents on it, I am tired of work arounds. Of course a faster processor / better battery life. Larger storage capacity is a nice plus. Finally the ability to add a blue tooth keyboard so that I can finally use this for some longer than normal emails also for remote server management. Finally the ability to customize my phone, I am tired of having all iphones look alike.
  • I guess the more memory the better, but I would rather have the mult-itasking and some widgets way more.
  • Meh! More of the same!
  • TIME OUT! How about concentrating on voice quality for once. After all, the iPhone IS a cell phone, yet routinely its radio and voice quality are the lowest rated feature of this beast. Sure, I'd love 64gb just like the next person, but let's IMPROVE the earphone sound and volume, radio strength, and the voice quality.
  • okay. ive been waiting a long time to say this. the iphone is great, a top of the line touch screen cell phone that is also an ipod. its basically an all in one device. but lets be honest. who needs 64 gigs og memory on their iphone. for gods sake the battery wont even last long enough to listen to it all let alone watch movies. it a cell phone and in my experience with the 2g 3g and 3gs the battery life is complete crap. if apple needs to improve anything it should be the battery.
  • I hope Android will support SDXC soon. It would only require a SW update, and 64 GB SDXC cards (made by... surprise... Toshiba) will enter mass production spring 2010. http://www.toshiba.com/taec/news/pressreleases/2009/memy09_572.jsp
    (Also, if iPhone 4G doesn't come with some real OS upgrades (more powerful API, multitasking, widgets, etc...), Android will take over soon. No storage can replace those features. But I hope they will make the necessary upgrades, competition is good.)
  • I want a bigger screen and a faster phone. Also I want a better OS, something like naemo 5 desktop. If apple fails to do a massive upgrade I will be getting the new HTC HD2
  • My wish list from Steve for the next iPhone
    (what might keep me from going to Android)
    - Direct printing to cups / IP printers
    - Multitasking
    - a "jailbreak" like open app ability
    - better app approval system for developers
    - 5 MP camera (or more) and HD Video with optical zoom and flash
    - All carriers (including CDMA)
    - more ram
    - more storage
    - faster CPU
    - higher screen resolution
    - improved battery
    - HDMI out
    All in no particular order.
  • I'd like a forward facing camera with iChat capabilities!! Eat your heart out Dick Tracy.
  • How about an AMOLED screen with 800x480 resolution. I'd be one of the first in line.
  • Would more memory help with loading/reading books??? (I admit to selfish reasons as an author of Kindle books.) I've used Stanza to view books, but never figured out if the whole book is loaded and how much space is taken. I can see where the improved resolution request would help with reading (anything, be it web or books or whatever.)
  • Louder speakerphone plz
  • The iTablet already exist
    Apple just doesn't make it
    Archos 9 search it
    Archos 5 and 7 are very similiar but not as Computer like as the Archos 9
  • how bout an itouch with Amoled LCD,its just the clearest LCD so far,only samsung techs. are using it,dont cre bout memory 32GB wud do..an itouch with camera,amoled LCD,useful apps..wud be best..
  • Man i would love to have the 128GB ipod touch. I wunder how much it is going to cost as for the iphone to. Is it it going to be double the price of the 64GB ipod touch.
    Anyways i am sure when they announce these ones that everyone is going to be saveing up for the next futuristic want to have ipod. I know i will.
  • hi there you are right apple needs too retiere the ipod classic expecaily if apple will let you raid ipods and iphones at 64 or 128 gb cqpacity but apple has already released there gb ipod touch like a long time ago $399 for 64 gb ipod touch soo buy the time the 4th gen iphone comes out were looking at real capacity at more like 128 gb or 256 gb iphones thats right 1/3 of a 750 gb hdd and intel has a 600 gb ssd coming out 2010 i hope the imac mac pro and macbook pro gets the 600 gb ssd option
  • I don't care about memory so much. 128gb would be nice, but I would be fine with keeping the 32 and 64, but making the 8 a 16 again and getting rid of the 8. But most of all, I think Apple should be focusing on making a video/still camera being put into the touch. So many more people woul benefit from this and Apple's sales would rise considerably. Also, the camera needs to be the same as the one in the iPhone 3GS or better. I don't know how other people feel, but I am definately not going to purchase the 4t generation touch if it has only the video camera like the current iPod Nano. Not only that but an AM/FM radio built in would be nice too. I hear a lot of people complaining about the current screen, but is it realy that important? Unless you are some kind of computer geek, the screen won't matter that much to the consumer. Touch sales are high with the screen it has now, so why change it?
  • As I continue to read rumors and desires for the next in the iPhone/iTouch line-up and how people will leave if this or that does not happen a few things come to mind.
    Apple doesn't need us, I mean yes, they do need the consumer, without it they produce no income and the business dies, but those of us that complain about this and that are not needed by Apple. They can continue to find those that honestly would be fine with the original iPhone at a lower price and on all carriers and make enough money that way. With that being said they DO listen to the consumer that requests new features and such but let us remember, that doesn't mean they will listen.
    In relation to the iPhone one thing that I find so interesting is that people want it to do all these things when they seem to forget that Apple is not in the market to make a business specific phone (for those that ask for a slide-out QWERTY keyboard), they are not in the market to make a PSP with "phone-capabilities" (for those that ask for higher resolution screens with better graphic, sound, and speed specs), in fact, Apple has not dived into any specific market. Apple is just making a smart-phone for the average person who doesn't even know what OLED or even GB stands for.
    Apple has revolutionized the phone industry, what you can fit in your iPhone 3GS was once the ENTIRE school at MIT. Consider that and be thankful for what you have. Ironically what most iPhone users will forget in their frenzy to ask for more features is that if they do switch over to another smart-phone to meet their needs they lose COMPLETELY their functionality with the iTunes interface which is one of the biggest assets of the iPhone. They also will lose the respected developmental community of the Apple App Store which has let's face it, revolutionized the way a smart-phone is utilized and is as of yet not even closely rivaled by an Apple competitor.
    Just consider this, Apple doesn't need any of us, they can make a profit and still be one of the worlds greatest businesses if they completely wiped out their iPhone. Consider that, and then be thankful that Apple is willing to listen to our requests and know this; Apple has not had any "major" changes to it's iPhone since day one, in either OS or Hardware and yet it's still competing highly with phone's that have come out at a later date, now that the competition is finally "catching up" don't you think that Apple (one of the most innovative countries on the planet) will blow our minds away with what it decides to come out with, afterall it basically invented what is today's smart-phone market.
    Just consider all of this, if you want another phone or carrier way out what you would be gaining and losing and consider Apple's history in innovation and what it does when it's competitors finally come up to bat.
    By the way, the iPhone/iPod are the only products from Apple I support as of now, I am not an Apply Fan-boy and run a Windows 7 computer.
  • Shut up Ben Driver no body likes you and the fourth gen touch does need much better battery life, everything else is good
  • @ Ben Driver - I agree: Apple does not need to give a minority of customers everything they ask for. Still, the 4th gen. iPhone is bound to come, and the size of flash memory chips is bound to grow so more onboard storage in the new iPhone seems very likely, along with other new features no doubt. Will it come sooner or later? The introduction of the iPad will influence that decision. Apple will want to give that device some time to gain critical mass with the consumers without other new products to steal the limelight. But then, there is also the fact that Apple has made fantastic profits in 2009, in the middle of a global crisis! I am sure this will also influence their product launch strategy, but I am not too sure how...
  • Speed and storage is ok for the iPhone. It needs a flash and better res camera, ability to support flash media, mutitasking, higher res and larger screen, and the ability to separate and store files and hide them also. I have many photos and videos and some id like to keep private. It sucks you cant have subfolders and pick and choose what to show and what to hide with password protection. I would spring for a 64gb but I am quite satisfied with my 32gb 3gs. And a removable battery would b handy but Im not that concerned being that Im almost always with a charger.
  • But, Derek, if you got flash memory support, would the size of the (internal) storage matter to you at all?
  • hi. There. Wow. 4 th. Ten. 128. Gb. Flash. Memory. 5th. Gen. 256. Gb. Flash. 6th. Generation. iPod. Touch. At. 512. Gb. Flash. Memory
  • hi. There. I. Saw on. The. Internet. That. Apple. Has. A. 500. Tb. iPod. Nano. That's. 500. Terabytes. And. Said. That. iPod. Touch. Could. Max. Out. At. 48. Pb. Or. 48. Petabytes or. At. Least. The. Scintest. Have. A. 500. Terabytes. Mp3. Ipod's. For. The. Lab
  • hi there the apple ipad tablet has a 16 gb ssd 32 gb ssd or 64 gb ssd flash drive they just did not offer the 128 gb sssd flash drive but ipad 2 might have 32 gb ssd 64 gb ssd 128 gb ssd and a 256 gb ssd
  • The whole reason I'm checking out this article is ... I only have 1.5 GB left on my iPhone! I have a 64 GB iPod Touch but it's the iPhone that I take with me in my car and connects via Bluetooth. (I'm afraid I might leave the iPod in the car to get overheated while the phone goes with me everywhere.) I love having my whole music library with me to shuffle in my car. So yes, double the memory in my phone would be most welcome!
  • i totally agree with rick and mostly everyone else here..memory isnt a big deal.. i have a puny 8 gb.. and i still havent managed to fill it up.. what i want is a slightly bigger screen (as mentioned by others) and more speed when it runs... no more lag or anything like that.. and a little more customization options would be great so i dont have to keep jailbreaking everyone i buy
  • I hope they release a 128 GB 4th Generation iPod Touch!!!! And they should add tons of new features and a OLED Screen, fingerprint resistant etc. etc. etc.
  • I think there is a market for a bigger memory machine to support less compressed sound files like lossless, with better media support - improved screen res, DAC and sound circuits, a bit more juice for higher impedance output devices
    I guess that is the higher end market, and who knwos how many of us there really are
  • so if they release a 4th gen ipod touch do you think the current 32gb 3rd gens will come down in price and if so when. i got a 8gb but it is full already and i am wondering should i return it and hold out for the hope of 32gb to drop in price next month.... or should i go ahead and suffer the money loss and upgrade now.
    you can email me at kimberlywo@aol.com
  • Where can I buy senuke?
  • will the new 4g iphone come in 64gb
  • its so stupid to come out with a ipodd that has a camera! i have a phone and a camera so why have one on the new ipod and 80 gigs is okay but i bet the prices will be super high and im gonna stick with my 64 gig touch for now. i might think about uprading if/when they come out with a 5th generation but until then, no thanks apple. i think they will lose profits because i believe alot of people are sick&tired of upgrades. i dont need a camera in a music device and i bet the camera is gonna be low mp and bad anyway but thats my opinion.if you think i should upgrade or not, contact me at cademcawsome17@gmail.com, thnx
  • The only reason I haven't gotten an iPhone yet is because I have a 64 gig iPod touch. I only have like 10 gigs left of memory on it. So I want to be able to put my iPod and current phone together but current 32 gig iPhones aren't enough space for the over 6000 songs I have!
  • perfectly understand your case
  • I want a 64 gig iPhone so that I can store all 120 episodes of the 1966 Batman tv series on it.
  • Fukin speculation shock media bullshit.