It was bound to happen, but with Toshiba announcing that it's managed to cram 64GB of NAND flash memory onto a single chip, we can now officially start the rumors of a 64GB iPhone and 128GB iPod touch... perhaps as soon as next year's 4th generation models if prices get low enough fast enough.

The iPod touch doesn't have to worry about all the phone-related radios, and so has double the slots for memory, so it will likely always get twice as much storage as the iPhone, and at 128GB might Apple finally retire the veteran (and last) hard drive-based iPod classic?

9to5mac also posits those same chips would work mighty fine in a mythical iTablet in lieu of an SSD drive.

Apple typically releases new iPhones in June/July, new iPod touches in September, and hasn't announced any iTablets... yet.