Last week and the proceeding weekend I was on the receiving end of some terrible misfortune; the worst series of mishaps I have endured in... well, quite a long while. Fools rush in where hackers fear to tread. And I not only rushed in, I kicked in the door and set fire to the house on my in. Very unwise.

When news of Apple's posted firmware update became available I anxiously awaited news from guinea pig unlockers, who bravely installed the update, whether or not updating results in brickage. Gizmodo boisterously (and prematurely) proclaimed that it was all a poker bluff from Apple. No bricks, nor breakage. That news emboldened me to proceed with flashing. Count me in! No sooner had a I begun applying the update when the first wave of reported problems began rolling in. Gizmodo was wrong, and led me to my doom.

But he who proceeds without hearing all the facts, suffers the consequences. I take full responsibility for the untimely but temporary demise of my iPhone. I knew I was playing with fire, and I got burned. That's life. You roll the dice and take your chance.

Unfortunately that was only the beginning of my problems.

Friday night is, for me, a time to hang out with friends and socialize. Blowing off steam from the pressures of work. Not this particular evening as the case would be. My workstation PC had other plans in store for me. I had installed Vista Service Pack 1 beta earlier in the week, which took several attempts to get up and running, and this system has behaved unpredictably ever since. That description could easily be applied to Vista itself - unpredictable.

There is no way to put this subtly; Windows Vista is raw fecal waste material, minus the color and oder. Five years in development by Microsoft has yielded the absolute worst operating system they've ever released. It is slow, cumbersome, offers poor compatibility, miserable gaming performance, spotty driver support. The list goes on. I can't begin to tell you how much I HATE this OS.

So when it became clear that SP1 (beta though it is) actually worsened my "Wow" experience promised by Vista. This was the last straw for me. I pulled out an external hard drive. Backed up all my critical data, and reformatted the hard drive, rolling back to XP Pro. Vista is gone from my hard drive, never to return again. From this point on I am moving over to OSX. I use both platforms daily, Windows and Mac, but Microsoft continues pushing me ever increasingly towards using Mac as my primary platform. When Leopard arrives this month, I'm pushing all of production workload over to my Mac Pro. Windows will live on as a virtual machine running in OSX.

So, in addition to a dead iPhone I now had to make an unexpected OS transition as well. Fun stuff. As I'm typing this I am staring at XP's hideous blue Fisher Price interface and an antiquated Palm Treo Smartphone, which has replaced iPhone as my pocket companion. Needless to say I am not in the best of moods right now, and it's a hell of a way to start a week.

As I'm sure most of you heard; over the weekend some enterprising user discovered a method for downgrading iPhone's firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.02, providing a reversal (or so we all thought) to the bricking that occurred. Not so. It turns out this procedure does not downgrade baseband drivers to an earlier state necessary to reactivate AT&T SIMs. It only enables jailbreakage, so iPhone can be used with WiFi only. A nice start, but it doesn't provide an end game solution to reactivating a "bricked" iPhone.

At this point there is little else to do but wait patiently for iPhone Dev Team to work out a reversal solution. Whether I can hold out for such a workaround is another matter. Right now I am this >< close to applying my $100 Apple Store credit towards the purchase of a second iPhone. It would probably be in my best interest to own two iPhones, using one as a “beater” device for testing and review purposes. With the second unit left in virgin condition as my personal daily use phone.

So in case you were all wondering why i have been so quite over the weekend... now you know. But enough of my whining. It's a new week. Time to get back to work. And get writing again. I never seem to have the time to write good content for this site. The iPhone Blog is run with one hand and four fingers tied behind my back. Since I works as a freelance web designer as an occupation, that's where I have to devote my time. This site is a secondary hobby, which is unfortunate. But I do have some ideas in play that I hope you guys will like. More on that later.

Back to work, and back to writing.