AdMob US Traffic Share

AdMob, recently acquired by Google, has released their latest set of mobile metrics [PDF link] and the iPhone and iPod touch platform (iPhone OS) has a comfortable 50% share of worldwide traffic, and 55% of US traffic. That's up 6.9%. In terms of top handset models, Apple's iPhone accounted for 22.4%/24.1% (up 5.5%/5.2%) and iPod touch for 9.8%/11.4 (up 1.4%/2.3%)

Also up is HTC on the back of the Android Dream (G1) and Magic (MyTouch) to 5.6%/9.5% (+1.2%/1.8%) and BlackBerry maker RIM to 3.2%/5.4% (+0.1%/0%).

Everyone else was flat or down, with Nokia posting the biggest drop internationally (-2.6%) and Palm in the US (-2.2%).

Droid and other future Android devices will likely change things up for next time, perhaps webOS when it hits other carriers as well.

For now, however, Apple's iPhone juggernaut continues.