Adobe Getting Snarky Over Flash on iPhone

Adobe's getting snarky over the continued absence of Flash on the iPhone, now presenting users with the above message which reads:

Flash Player not available for your device. Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch (sic).

Fair enough. Apple doesn't allow code interpreters like Flash, Java, SilverLight, etc. on the iPhone. Even Apple's own media plugin, QuickTime, doesn't run inline on websites but rather launches a separate player app to show videos.

While the iPhone has an amazing web browser with Safari, it's still a mobile web browser, and the iPhone doesn't have anywhere near the CPU power, memory, battery, or other hardware resources that a laptop does, and even laptops can still be hit especially hard by Flash content. Maybe Adobe's upcoming mobile friendly Flash 10.1 will finally present a really good, optimized, clean (and dare we hope secure and privacy-respectful) version of the plugin.

That is, if we're getting the true story from either Apple or Adobe (as highlighted by this reddit thread, whether real or parody).

Rene Ritchie

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