Ad Age Magazine - AT&T iPhone Raise Bar

Advertising Age Magazine ran a couple of articles this week on AT&T and the iPhone, and were kind enough to talk to TiPb about the issues surrounding how AT&T Needs to Raise the Bar on it's network service, and How AT&T Should Handle the Online iPhone Price Backlash.

Lots of good ideas offered all around, but is AT&T listening? Reader David from Texas wrote in to let us know they just might be after he received a direct email newsletter from the US iPhone carrier saying:

[AT&T's] commitment to you is to continue to expand the scope, capacity and speed of that network. We’ve raised the bar and we intend to continue raising it. This is a top priority for us in 2009 so you can have a great experience every time you make a call, check an email, surf the Internet or watch TV.

So they're getting the words. Hopefully the actions will follow...