Al-Jazeera to screen Syria documentary filmed entirely on an iPhone

TV news network Al-Jazeera will air a documentary tonight that has been filmed entirely with an iPhone. The documentary was filmed by an undercover journalist using just an iPhone as the use of a large camera would have been a major security risk. The documentary called “Syria: Songs of Defiance” follows an anonymous journalist on a journey amongst the uprising in Syria.

I can’t tell you my name. I’ve spent many months secretly in Syria for Al Jazeera. I cannot show my face and my voice is disguised to conceal my identity, because I don’t want to endanger my contacts in Syria. Because carrying a camera would be risky, I took my cell phone with me as I moved around the country and captured images from the uprising that have so far remained unseen.

The model of iPhone has not been revealed although we would have to assume that it would be at least an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. These models do have incredible optics and can produce some excellent quality video. The fact that a journalist can now use a device as small and portable as an iPhone to shoot broadcast quality video is highly impressive!



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