What you need to know

  • Reports are suggesting that Apple may be planning to release an "iPhone SE 2" in Spring 2020.
  • The phone would be similar in form factor and performance to the iPhone 8.
  • Report comes from Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note seen by AppleInsider.

An analyst note from Ming-Chi Kuo seen by AppleInsider purports that Apple is planning to release an "iPhone SE 2" in Spring 2020. The report suggests that the device will have a form factor and hardware similar to that of the iPhone 8, and be aimed at the 100 million people still using the iPhone 6. The note was first seen by AppleInsider, and suggests that Apple is seeking to release a lower cost iPhone targeted towards people still using the iPhone 6, all 100 million of them...

According to the report:

Kuo says that the driving force behind Apple releasing a current model priced at a lower cost than the iPhone 11 are users still getting used to the iOS ecosystem, those on a limited budget, and iPhone users not interested in new features like multiple cameras and Face ID. Convincing hold-out users to update to a newer version that will use Apple's services well is potentially a reason as well.

This is not the first rumor that discusses the possibility that a possible "iPhone SE 2" will be the size of the iPhone 8. The first discussions of that being the case were in Septemberin September, just prior to the iPhone 11 release.

Existing Apple suppliers expected to benefit are FII, Catcher, and Jabil for casing pieces and casting.

The article further suggests that the new phone would contain Apple's A13 processor and 3GB of ram. As the report notes, this isn't the first time we've heard rumors of a new iPhone SE. One person who remains thorougly unconvinced is our very own Lory Gil. You can read her thoughts on the last 2020 iPhone SE rumors here