And the winner of our switch to iPhone contest is...!

At iMore, we are always hearing people talk about wanting to switch from their old Android phone to a shiny new iPhone, and we can't blame them! There are tons of reasons why someone would want to make that change, including timely updates and incredible apps, Apple's focus on security and privacy, the Apple Store and AppleCare, and more. We've let you know how to make the switch easier, how you can get a great Google experience right on the iPhone, or how you can give up on Google if that's what you want.

But we understand that just wanting to switch isn't always enough. Buying a new iPhone just isn't financially feasible for many people. We get it, and we wanted to help, so we ran a contest!

We asked why you want to switch from Android to iPhone, and we got a lot of responses, with just about every reason you can imagine. It was really hard to narrow down! We had our panel of judges pick a favorite, then picked a random winner from those. Let's see who won!

The winner of a $400 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate is....


"The last time I owned an Apple product was my iPod touch in 2009. Since then I've used Android and, for a short time, Windows Phone. Now I'm starting to be dissatisfied with Android, and in particular, Google's business model. Thinking about privacy and security was what got me started on this path. Then there's the issue of OS updates. I'm sick of always waiting! You might think, "So get a Nexus if you want fast updates." Wrong. When I heard that iOS 9 is coming to every device all the way back to 2011, I was floored. The last time I saw my parents, I learned that Mom got a 4S. My brother was there with his 6. I played with both phones, and I couldn't even tell the difference, performance-wise. That little 4S was so smooth! And that was the last straw for me. Even Nexus owners don't enjoy four years of updates. I've had my fill of Android. It's time to see what else is out there.Posted via the iMore App for Android"

We hear you Shatterpane! And congratulations! We'll be in touch soon to get your prize sorted! Thanks for entering everyone. Be on the lookout for the next awesome contest here at iMore!

Michelle Haag