Both Apple and China Mobile have put a ton of work into getting a partnership off the ground, and as of today the hard work pays off as sales of the iPhone on the worlds largest carrier finally begin. Apple CEO Tim Cook joined his counterpart from China Mobile, Xi Guohua at the carriers headquarters store in Beijing, handing out autographed iPhones in the process. From Bloomberg:

“Today is just the beginning of China Mobile and Apple coming together to deliver the best experience in the world,” Cook said as a few dozen people came in to look at the iPhones on display. China Mobile said Jan. 15 it signed a multiyear agreement with Apple containing “broad potential” for future cooperation.

Tim Cook's presence alone signifies the importance of this deal for Apple. With Apple's first 2014 earnings report due in just 10 days, we might need to hang tight for a few months to see any real figures. But, we'll be listening out all the same for anything to indicate how successful the launch has been.