Apple Co-Founder Woz Did Not Ditch iPhone for Google's Nexus One

Yesterday NBC Bay Area reported (and Android Central gloated!) that Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, had replaced his iPhone for the big bark and less bite Google/HTC Nexus One. TiPb never believed Woz would ever relinquish his beloved iPhone and, sure enough, NBC Bay Area has now updated their story:


blockquote>"I have two iPhones, sometimes I wear a Droid on my belt, and also a Nexus One," said Wozniak. "At any given point, I might have BlackBerrys. My main phone is still an iPhone."

He sounds like our very own Dieter Bohn just without the BlackBerry. So there you have it folks, Woz has not betrayed us.

IM Staff

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