According to Mary Meeker and analysts from Morgan Stanley, Apple has a two to three year lead over its competitors in the mobile Internet space. Even though Apple's iPhone and iPod touch represent just a small piece of of the global smartphone pie with 17 percent, the two devices are responsible for a astounding 65 percent of all mobile internet use.

The iPhone and iPod touch have significantly surpassed the likes of Netscape, AOL, and NTT's DoCoMo in the first nine quarters of being on the market with an install base of 57 million users. That's most impressive if you consider that in the same time frame DoCoMo achieved 25 million users, Netscape 11 million, with AOL coming in last with 7 million.

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We can't say Apple is slaughtering the competition, not with Android coming on strong and other platforms just rebooting (or about to). And we are not likely to see this trend die anytime soon as Apple continues to gain more and more market share in the smartphone world.