Apple engaged in talks with Reliance to launch VoLTE iPhone on the Jio 4G network

Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Image credit: Apple)

Apple's CEO Tim Cook reportedly met up with Reliance executives while visiting India. The two parties are believed to be planning to launch the iPhone on the Jio 4G network. The talks also touched on Apple Pay and VoLTE, discussing how Apple could enlist the assistance of Reliance to further bolster its position in India.

From the First Post report:

"The meeting which took place at Mukesh Ambani's residence lasted more than two hours where Reliance executives pitched on how Apple can play a big role in Jio's growth. This was presented as proposition to Reliance reportedly went all in and said that it would sell these VoLTE enabled iPhones via its massive sales and distribution network and linked ecommerce firms in an effort to build a direct relationship with the tech giant."

It'll be interesting to see how an Apple and Reliance partnership could help not only bring 4G and VoLTE-enabled handsets to consumers, but also Apple Pay.

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