Apple fighting for control of domain

Apple has filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization to gain access to the web domain Currently, the site is a modest fan forum. While Apple's action here might give us a hint as to what they're going to call the next iOS smartphone, it could just very well be protecting the world at large from scams which would target unwary Apple fans. Once upon a time, Apple even had to wrestle from a porn company.  Either that, or Apple is preemptively secure potential market names like it did with iSlate.

Apple's track record with snagging domains has been spotty. It took them awhile to lock down, and to this day, is stubbornly parked by someone else. Before you start getting clever about picking up some domains yourself,,, iPhone,, and are already owned.

Whatever it's called, we're holding out for a new iPhone this fall, likely with an introduction to iOS 6 this summer at WWDC.

Source: Electronista, pic

Simon Sage

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