Apple Wolfing Down Flash RAM Chips in Advanced of Next Gen iPhone?

Apple is perhaps the most gluttonous consumer of flash RAM chips on the planet, what with most iPod's flash memory based and still selling in the multiple tens of millions and -- oh yeah -- the iPhone and iPod touch. 14 million iPhone 3Gs were sold last year alone and this year? According to Apple Insider, they's waddled the chair up and parked it right at the buffet:

The iPhone maker has bought out Samsung's entire available supply, putting the world's largest producer of flash memory on allocation until April 2009, according to the report. Samsung makes just over 40% of the world's NAND Flash RAM.

There was no indication, however, whether or not Apple has switched to the double-capacity chips they'll need to take the iPhone to 32GB. Due to the communications radios, previous iPhones have only 1 RAM slot as opposed the 2 in the iPod touch.

But we kind of want 32GB in our iPhones, right?

Rene Ritchie

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