Apple introduces the smaller, faster A6 chipset for the iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5 now going through the full unveiling process, Phil Schiller took the stage to confirm that Apple is indeed making use of the Apple A6 chipset in the new device. There was plenty of rumors surrounding the next-generation hardware and whether or not the A6 would be a part of it but now, it's for certain.

As noted during the keynote, the Apple A6 is 22 percent smaller than previous generation chipsets such as the A5X and maintains twice the graphics power as well. In addition to those changes, the new Apple A6 should help with battery ife as well. Apple claims 8 hours of battery life on the iPhone while browsing over LTE with 225 hours of stand-by time being made available.

Also with the addition of the Apple A6, further advancements throughout the OS are now possible. Camera images can be captured up to 40 percent faster, video stabilization has been improved and due to the power of the Apple A6, you can now snap images while recording video. Overall,  some great additions that we can't wait to see in action. Especially, that battery life on LTE.

Image Credit: GDGT

Chris Parsons

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