Apple to iPhone Developers: So... Happy with the App Store?

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple has started sending developers invitations to take a satisfaction survey with regards to the App Store in general, and the App Store approval process in specific.

Apple asks you to answer with: “Very dissatisfied,” “Somewhat dissatisfied,” “Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,” “Somewhat satisfied,” “Very satisfied,” or “Don’t know.”They also ask, “What one thing could Apple do to make the iPhone Developer Program better?” and give you a text box to write anything you want. A few months ago they certainly would have gotten some interesting responses there.

Indeed and as we suspected, "wait for developers and bloggers to get really ticked off and then have Phil Schiller email them" wasn't a scalable solution. TechCrunch speculates that the improvements in the App Store approval process starting 2010 involve more and better trained staff, since approval speed has improved and reportedly even communications between Apple and developers is better.

So, if you're a developer, what will you be telling Apple? And if you're not a developer, does it matter to you that Apple is trying to improve their developer relations?

Rene Ritchie

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