Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event scheduled for April 8!

Apple will be holding their iPhone 4.0 event, tagged "Get a sneak peak into the future of iPhone OS" on Thursday, April 8. Yes, that's this Thursday.

Apparently Apple can go from iPad launch to iPhone OS sneak preview in 5 days flat. Wow.

More as this develops...

[Engadget, thanks for the tip Damon!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wow, they don't let the dust settle at all do they? :)
  • WOW....Can't wait to preview the A+ update
  • Something good to look forward to this week
  • I'm in.
    Very curious to see what they would change. Some level of customization other than a wallpaper you barely see would be nice. Among other more useful things of course. :)
  • Finally! It's about time!
  • Well I just got my iPad, and now I can look forward to this. =] apple better blow me away. I want AWESOME new features. =]
  • yes. yes. and more YES
  • Now we're talkin'. Let's see what iPad/iPhone system unification holds in store for both.
  • So excited - and welcome, Rene!
  • Now that's what I'm talking about. You know if it's on the phone it's more than likely coming to the iPad too! This is awesome! Best news this year!
  • HELL YEAH! About time.
  • BRING IT!!!
  • Just when you thought that it was safe to go back in the water...
  • Let the multi-tasking commence.
  • While I cannot believe for it to be so sudden, it almost advertises the ipad even more since it's going to be running on the same software. I hope you're right Rene..because this thursday seems so sudden but were all excited!!
    Love my iPad, love my iPhone-Bring it on!
  • About time iPhone gets a new update. I can't wait. I wish it was April 8th already ;)
  • I hope that the iPhone 4.0 OS preview is followed by hardware announcements. The anticipation is literally killing me!
  • Well that's a relief! With all the focus on the iPad I was thinking the next iPhone and OS wouldn't be coming out at the regular time. Glad I was wrong.
  • I hope that this whole little conference doesn't focus mainly on what it will do for the iPad. I'm all for unification of the two devices (iPhone and iPad), but I'm really interested in this on the iPhone mainly- because right now that is what needs to get a major upgrade to keep me around. Also, maybe Stevie will throw the iPad 3G release date at us on that day? Just a thought, but I want my damn iPad!
  • Just give me some reasons to not have to deal with jailbreaking my phone.
  • Words cannot describe how happy I am right now. After all this iPad nonsense I am soo down for iPhone speculation. And almost always hate to read "someone familiar with the subject!'
  • Great, now I gotta go change my pants.
  • I'm not all that excited for this. Yes, I'm anxiously awaiting an OS update but I can't help but read this as a 'save the date' card just reminding me they are working on 4.0 to be released at a later time TBA. It'll be awesome to see the new features but it doesn't say anything about when to expect them.
    The iPad announcement was 1/27 right? And the official release was 4/3. So by those standards we can expect 4.0 some time in June? -which is what I think we all expected but enough with the hype.
    I don't want 'sneak peaks' - I want the actual least give me a release date.
  • Heck yeah, time for apple to tea-bag the android once again....
  • I also hope that we'll se what 4.0 brings to the iPhone.. and to xmas I'll buy my iPad :)
  • @Adam - it's what they always do -- 3.0 was previewed on March 17th and we got it June 17th.
  • Knowing about the "any impending minor updates and one major update for free" iPad rule, who didn't see this coming? It falls right in line with their new Spring - iPad, Summer - iPhone, and Fall - iPod cycle. We already knew about 3.0 this time last year, but they're not that far behind. I can't wait till July!
  • Best thing is that i will be able to install the beta. So this won´t be just a sneak peak for me :)
  • I hope this update has iTunes cloud access! That would just be great
  • sp freakin' excited!!! Both iPhone and iPad should be getting an update with 4.0, meaning more iPad awesomeness. Can't wait to use the software on both devices.
  • I agree with HungWell (nice name btw haha). I just want it to be at least enough to make it where we don't need to JB anymore. I'm hoping for something similar to SBSettings maybe (but it wont happen) and maybe something like quickreply sms.
  • There will always be a reason for jailbreak!
  • Nice! excitement never stops, just got my iPad and love it, now I will be looking forward to Thursday!!
  • @@@@@@@@@@@!! So close!
  • At this point if Apple doesn't announce multitasking I think alot of people will be disapointed
  • @Adam Developers beta test the iPhone OS 4.0 until the WWDC and then it usually gets released to the public some time after that.
  • Everyone the time has come!!! I'm so bloody happy!!! Is this for iPad aswell? Cos this might alow us to multitask and the missing iPad apps!! Hot damn!!!
  • dun dun duuuun!! this better be a true A+ update because those new android phones are sooo tempting. its make it or break it for me...
  • I'm with Jimmy. I been due for an upgrade with my 3g. If it don't impress Ill be tempted to go back to sprint with the htc evo
  • I'm sooo excited!! OS 4.0 here we come! : )
  • I cant wait to see what they have in store. Im getting my iPad at the end of the month, so now i have even more to look forward to after the purchase.
    Looking at Apple's past record with releasing updates for mobile devices, there is no reason that this wont be for the iPad. :)
  • Multitasking here I come. Strike while the iron is hot. Go apple.
  • Multitasking will be implemented, you can bet the bank on that. As others have mentioned, there will always be a reason to jailbreak.
    I just finish thethering my iPhone to my ipad this whole weekend.. No matter what 4.0 may bring, it sure as hell won't include thethering.
    The people who haven't jailbroken yet are probably the most frustrated individuals on earth ready to jump ship if apple doesn't flip it's OS around. Geez, there's nothing you can't with your iPhone when it's jailbroken, relieve yourself some stress and unleash your phones full potential already. At least in the meantime.
    ...unless of course your the idiot that upgraded to 3.1.3.
  • I'm in iPhone and iPad heaven, apple shall rule them all. :)
  • @Gino:
    I think a lot of people still have misconceptions about jailbreaking... like it'll start making noises and start smoking, or something.
    Nobody, including an Apple Genius, would ever be able to tell that my iPhone is jailbroken (unless a diagnostics was done). All icons are hidden, and no ugly themes are present. It looks and performs exactly as a stock iPhone, except with the addition of backgrounding (invisible), SBSettings (invisible), and Rotation Inhibitor - to turn off the accelerometer (invisible).
    It took less than a fifteen minutes total to jailbreak it and install these utilities.
    If you're not jailbroken, you're not using a fully-functional iPhone.
  • When the 3.0 Software picture was out, it was a blueprint. It looked like if Apple was working on the things consumers were missing. And this 4.0 picture looks like it's mysterious, and has a serious side into it. That's why only the leg is showing and the rest is the shadow of the 4. It's like if Apple is trying to prove to us that this is a big deal in the software and that there's gonna be a different side to it, and maybe Mr.Jobs is trying to prove himself right with the "A+" iPhone.
  • YES, YES, and HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't WAIT fornthis!!!
  • Can't wait till Thursday! I wish I hadn't read the article bc now I'm gonna be super anxious!
  • main features included are
    *multi tasking
    *new universal search
    **presenting mac desktop class n interface to mobile platform
    *built in iChat app
    *even provided with taskmanager
    *App management improvements (categories? Dynamic app placement?)
    *Tabs in browser for iPad
    *significant improvement to background GPS access (not necessarily the same as backgrounding of the GPS app itself)
    *Multiple Exchange accounts
    *Dramatically improved calendar (including more native exchange support)
    *heightened device security, including improvements for remote admin's.
    *local file system for iPhone (associated with storing attachments from mail and sharing some data between apps)
    *improved cloud syncing/access
    *Resolution independence
    *improved "home" screen (likely a fairly amazing design/method, intuitive in a way we do not expect)
    n many more......
    STEVE JOBS truly rocks..!!!
  • idk bout all that
  • @Rajeev nice wishlist.
  • I got the first iPhone 2 years ago, now I have the 3gs, and I always JB my iPhones !!! About the Ipad !!!!! If it don't as multitasking it gonna be a total failed gadgett !! We need multitasking on the Ipad, we need and want a better costumatissation for the iPhone and iPad, not the just borring factories settings,
  • Now is the time for apple to shine. This needs to be an A+ update as Steve Jobs described it, and not just another update that benefits apple only. We are now up on the 3rd year and it's time for a real update. If not then I may jump ship. Those new HTC phones are looking quite slick.
  • As expected, iPad launches and the hype engine immediately begins shifting into iPhone mode.
  • Plz apple plz apple plz apple read these forums and see what the customers want, theres other phones out there to tempt people away from iphone now so you need to sort it out or FAIL big time. I couldnt believe my eyes when i seen this post, was just thinking earlier when will this happen cause im desperate to know and boom its there haha anyone kniw wht the time will be in gmt time?
  • Grrrreat! So excited!
  • I want to get a iPad, but Im gonna wait till they have wifi connection, 3G(or 4G) cell service, and a very important front camera for video calls !!! I don't mind to pay top dollar , but that's what I want to see in the iPad !!!
  • I want to make love to an ipad and an iPhone on 4.0.
  • Just heard on CNBC Microsoft is introducing a phone for the Verizon network on 4/12. Let the competition begin.
  • YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! this is excellent news! I pray for a sbsettings equivalent with improved notifications, that would be an a upgrade for me, even sans multitasking.
  • I just hope that whatever they reveal will actually get released when they say they going to. Remember mms?
  • a tilt feature on the home screen would be nice to see in 4.0
  • ZOMFG!! I can't WAIT for this update. I already have it planned out. I'll get the update asap, and then I will probably get the new hardware 2 months or so after.
  • Sick dope sickness!!!
  • I don't think they'll bring multitasking. It defies the philosophy behind iPhone OS. All I see here is geeks wanting the very same device over and over again to do the same things in the same way they've been done.
    And I think that the key here for its success is other qualities, and simplicity is the most important among them.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a geek too. But I think I 'got it', this new wave of 'abstracted computing for the masses'.
    So, for me, A means simpler, smarter, eye candy, awesome new stuff that in the current direction keeps astonishing and atracting new non-smart-phone-users to the playground, not toys to keep geeks happy.
  • @pn2blade - MMS was all on AT&T, not Apple.
  • And here's my wishlist
    -native to do app that syncs over mobile me with mail (or even with outlook)
    -wireless sync for notes in mobile me
    -APIs for the calendar so that we finaly can accept events and invite people to events (without exchange)
    -landscape week view for calendar
    -gestures for shortcuts eg to the wireless settings (turn on WLAN, Bluetooth,gps)..
    -photo app with native support for mobile me gallery
  • Really hoping for the built in dictionary feature.
    Although this may sound a bit farfetched, maybe a new safari voice search feature ala Google Mobile app?
  • @Paul
    That sounds more like it!
  • I am perfectly happy with my 3G (not 3GS). All I really really want is flash player. Flash player PLEASE!!!!
  • No thanks.. long live android.
  • @Adamv loser!!
  • @Mitchell I had the iphone for 2 years but the android os does way more for my uses then apple could ever do. If this update and the new phone bring it back to the level of the droid I might switch back but doubt it.
  • @adamv why the f*** are you on this blog?! get a life or go to phandroid central! queerr!
  • AlllllllllRight!!!!
  • Not an Iphone guy but still looking forward to it.. who knows.. it might make me an Iphone guy..
    What the Iphone needs
    - Background apps - Multitasking is ok but bacgkround apps is even better... take WEBOS for example it's nice to flip through apps but I want to see the home screen with my app running in the background .. I dont want to have to an IM app on the screen for it to be running more OPEN OS - I don't necessarily mean going the Android route.. but make it more open for 3rd party dev.. the great thing abotu Android is that if you don't like something about your phone .. 3rd party apps can make changes to the core of the phone... for example .. ANdroid needs a task managemetn system..there are plenty of 3rd party apps for that.. if Iphone needed it .. Apple wouldn't allow devs to make such an app .. another example is an app like Locale for android.. home screen widgets.. This is not copying Android since Apple has them on their desktops .. so why not bring it to the Iphone Customization - wallpapers, themes and the option to change the look of the phone..
  • Now that we're done with the release of the maxiPad, I'm excited to see what goodness 4.0 is going to bring us. I am also curious as to what Jobs' definition of an "A+ upgrade" is.
  • Core changes to the iPhone from 3rd party could impact end user privacy so stay on Android if that's not you concern.
  • I sure hope Verizon gets the OK for the next iPhone. No way I'd ever switch to AT&T, but I would switch to Verizon.
  • @Gino from the Bronx
    Not true. I have a jailbroken 3.1.3 iPhone. As long as you have your SHSH files on Saurik's servers, you can upgrade to 3.1.3 and still jailbreak. I had to do this after my iPhone crapped out and I had to restore it.
    As far as iPhone 4.0 goes, YEAAHHHHH!!!11
    I'm totally stoked at this news. Hopefully they'll be able to keep their normal product cycle and we'll see new iPhone hardware this summer. crossing fingers for iChat and front facing camera
  • Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! I was starting to get iPad-envy.
  • I hope this update gives me what I've been wanting from the iPhone. Multitasking and changing the push notification feature. I just really wish iPhone came with something that let's you know wether you have an email, text or Im convo message. I'm using notifer from cydia at the moment, but the actual os really needs something like that.
  • This is so sick it's ill!
    Does anyone else live in an area with perfect at&t 3g coverage? I never drop calls and I never don't have 3g coverage. Iphone 4.0 . . .life is grand.
  • @Fastlane
    x2. As I'm hoping Apple's new 4.0 release will give us some much needed(and much nicer)features, I'm sure if GeoHot came out with another jailbreak for the new OS, I'll be on board. There will probably still be settings that I jailbreak for, even if Apple includes them(like multitasking), but I don't see Apple wrapping up apps like SBSettings, Backgrounder, Proswitcher, QuickReply SMS, Tethering(for free at least), GV Mobile, 3G Unrestrictor, etc all in one update. Jailbreak will always be around, because Apple's platform will always limit what the hardware can actually do, while brilliant minds always find a way for us to harness it.
  • @Bryan
    Me. Memphis has some very good 3G coverage. Never usually a problem and speed is definitely there.
  • @Rajeev
    main features included are
    *multi tasking...good chance based on rumors
    *new universal search.....probably on rumors too
    **presenting mac desktop class n interface to mobile platform...naw
    *built in iChat app...MAYBE...big maybe
    *even provided with taskmanager...Apple? Nooo
    *App management improvements (categories? Dynamic app placement?....good chance...we'll see
    *Tabs in browser for iPad....haven't heard rumors yet, but good chance
    *significant improvement to background GPS access (not necessarily the same as backgrounding of the GPS app itself).....don't think so
    *Multiple Exchange accounts...with the iPad at least...definitely
    *Dramatically improved calendar (including more native exchange support)....yup
    *heightened device security, including improvements for remote admin’s.....yes to first part obviously. Jailbreak is probably gonna be alot harder now
    *local file system for iPhone (associated with storing attachments from mail and sharing some data between apps...don't count on it
    *improved cloud syncing/access....???
    *Resolution independence....maybe
    *improved “home” screen (likely a fairly amazing design/method, intuitive in a way we do not expect...I think we can probably count this in definitely as a cosmetic facelift, IF, and only if the give the new iPhone a makeover. The iPad's homescreen is missing "something". That's probably it
  • @Monty
    Thats your preference. Alot of people here b***h on AT&T. Thats what people do. But don't think those same people, including me, would ever make the jump to an Verizon iPhone
  • @SomeGuy
    Understand if you have good AT&T service, you're happy. We don't, AT&T offers no support here (Colorado) except for the big cities, so most residents left out in the dust. Asking AT&T about improved service is like the search for the Holy Grail with more run-arounds than the IRS. So I don't know of anyone that has kept AT&T service. Most have switched or initially joined the other services.
    Therefore my hope is Apple picks another vendor besides AT&T. If they don't, they won't increase market share nearly as much as if they do (and I bet pricing plans improve).
  • @Monty
    Big cities? NYC doesn't even have decent coverage. you'd think they would right? Not all big cities have good coverage. AT&T just sucks in a lot of ways, that's just the explanation for it.
  • I don't hate AT&T....just their 3G coverage. Like Monty I also live in Colorado and the only 3G coverage areas here are in Co. Springs and Denver. If the iPhone goes to Verizon and AT&T doesn't get coverage here then I'll be going with the big red. I can't say I like Verizon more than I like AT&T, but hey, at least I'd have coverage!!
  • This new Iphone 4.0 OS will come to the iPad right?
  • Don't you mean 10AM Pacific time for OS4.0 news?
  • Is today the relase for the BETA or the acual update for all iphone users?
  • good morning, I see all your writings, keep them coming.