Millenial Media's October Mobile Mix is out and for the first time they've expanded their report from strictly smartphones like iPhone to all connected devices, including iPod touch and iPad. With that in mind, Apple's iPhone remains the top mobile device at 15.96%, and the new mix sees Apple at the top mobile device manufacturer list with 24.96%. Some additional highlights:

  • Apple, the leading device manufacturer on their network for the last thirteen months and accounted for a 25% share of impressions on their network in October.
  • iPad requests increased 112% month-over-month
  • Connected Devices, Apple iPod touch, Apple iPad and the Sony PSP made up 3 of the Top 30 Mobile Devices on our network.
  • Smartphone impression share increased 7% month-over-month and represented 61% of the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device Impression share in October.
  • Non-U.S. impressions on the Millennial Media network have grown 20% faster than U.S. impressions since January.
  • Games, Social Networking and Mail & Messaging were the Top Three Global Mobile Application Categories in October.
  • This month, for the first time, Android tied with iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on our network, with an 8% increase month-over-month and 37% impression share on our network.

The morbidly curious part of us is wondering what those numbers may look like one day in a post Verizon iPhone world...

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