UPDATE: Macworld is saying the reason may be the difficulty in applying the screen protectors and associated increase in return rates.

iLounge is reporting that Apple Retail and Apple Online will no longer carry screen protectors for iPhone, iPod, or anything else, either sold separately or packaged with cases. That includes plain protectors, anti-glare, privacy, mirror, or any other kind of film meant to be placed over an iPhone or iPod screen. iLounge further speculates this is a move by Apple meant to emphasize the durability of their screens -- you don't need no stinkin' protector, so to speak.

We have trouble believing any of this; it sounds unbelievable. If true, manufacturers will simply stop bundling screen protectors with their cases and customers will have to purchase them separately from a different, non-Apple channel [like the iMore Store -- cheap plug!]

Hopefully there's some misunderstanding here but we'll keep an eye on the story and update as it develops. Meanwhile let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[iLounge via Gear Diary]

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