Apple to use OLED in Next Gen iPhone Screens?

Smarthouse (via BGR) has a report saying Apple just might be making the leap to OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens for those future iPhone models mentioned yesterday.

It's also believed that a new iPhone and iPod Touch due later this year will include an OLED screen made by LG who last year scored a multibillion dollar deal to manufacture display screens for Apple.

Apple currently uses LED for the iPhone (and MacBooks, and the new 24" Cinema Display). OLED required no backlight and consumes much less battery power than previous technologies. Given Apple's obsessions with thinness and battery life, this move makes the kind of sense that does.

Also bundled in the rumor is, of course, a rumor about Apple also using OLED in an upcoming "netbook". We're still thinking an iTablet is more likely...

So, all these leaks starting to paint anyone a new summer hardware release picture yet?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Yes.
  • Bloody hope so
  • At this point, is there any one who doesn't believe there will be a new iPhone released this summer?
  • Come on June!!!!!!
  • Fresh. I would luv a itablet. I can think of so many uses for such a piece of kit.
  • YESS! Plz release soon, i want :)
    I hope my credit is good enough by then..
  • Yes to OLED and I certainly hope so for a new iPhone! My 1st generation is getting a bit long in the tooth. I'm trying to keep from upgrading to the 3G 16GB, because I think an even more capable iPhone is on the way. 3.0 showed us that, even though slow, when Apple brings a piece to market; it's done well. To with the new "unibody" Mac Books.
  • I think the question is, at this point is there anybody who won't own an iPhone?
  • Would love it my nokia n85 has an oled display it looks great and it outclasses my iphone in terms of battery life.
  • Would this be enough to allow some backgroun apps? Even just two at a time? Like... Pandora and Safari?
  • While I would love to see a hardware refresh this summer, if one was coming, wouldn't Apple already filed with the FCC, or does that only apply to completely new devices, not devices that would use the same radios?
  • They still have time to file with the FCC, the lead time isn't THAT long :).
  • Everybody (including me) is salivating over June -- it's late March. You think a government bureaucracy processes something start-to-finish in ~ 90 days? Macworld wasn't the only reason the iPhone 1.0 was announced in January... :)
  • If it helps battery life, it will be a really good hardware upgrade.
  • OLED iPhone > HD iPhone.
    'nuff said.
  • OLED screen? Only if they can fix the problem with outdoor visibility. The Nokia phones and OQOs with OLED screens are next to useless outdoors.
    I've played with a digital camera with an OLED screen and while it looked great in low-light conditions, the screen completely washed out in sunlight.
  • @CJ asks:
    I think the question is, at this point is there anybody
    who won’t own an iPhone?
    It’s also believed that a new iPhone and iPod Touch ... will include an OLED screen made by LG ...
    I'm not buying a phone that forces me to replace it frequently. An OLED iPhone means: (1) NO user replaceable battery. (2)A screen that will wear out (the O in OLED means organic - it degrades over time - blue OLEDs historically have had a lifetime of around 14,000 hours) I expect 100,000 hours (12 years of up to 24x7 usage)