Apple Online Store shoppers can now get an iPhone 5s for $0 down through AT&T Next

AT&T's Next payment plans are now an option for iPhone buyers using the Apple Online Store. The plans, which allow shoppers to pay for their phone over an installment plan over several months instead of paying part upfront and having the rest subsidized into their monthly payments, were previously not available through the online Apple storefront. With Next now an option, shoppers can pay $200 at purchase for a 16GB iPhone 5s, or nothing at all.

Either way, they'll still pay the entire $649 full cost over the long haul, though with AT&T Next they have the option to upgrade sooner and aren't on the hook with a 2-year contract. Sprint's Easy Pay and Verizon's Edge aren't yet available from the Apple Online Store, though with AT&T Next added in it might only be a matter of time… though they might have to do something about that layout once they start adding in more options.

What do you think — is an iPhone on an AT&T installment plan sold through Apple what you've been waiting for?

Source: Apple Online Store; Via: 9to5Mac

Derek Kessler

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