What do an Airline pilot, Ballet dancer, and Broadway Theater producer all have in common? They all use iPhones and appear in Apple latest iPhone whoring ad campaign. But the tables are turned as the subjects plug their own ventures rather than focus soley on iPhone and how it impacst their lives. A commercial within a commercial?

Kristin Sloan, the sole female user in this trio, is the editor and founder of TheWinger.com - a site devoted to ballet dancing. Several seconds into the commercial she drops off the subject of iPhone and immediately draws attention to her site. Nice touch, very subtle. I thought this was a commercial promoting iPhone, not ballet dancing?

The third spot features Broadway producer Ken Davenport, who pimps his new play "My First Time", and mentions a fansite which we're obviously meant to visit. Out of the three the Airline pilot came off most convincing, with his casual flair and real-world usage scenario.

See the ads and judge for yourself.