UPDATED: Is Apple prepping iWork for iPhone?

Apple is either prepping iWork for iPhone or is making a some interesting art and copy blunders lately. iWork, which includes Apple's word processor, Pages, presentation software, Keynote, and spreadsheet app, Numbers was released alongside the iPad last April. Right after the iPhone 4 was announced and the product pages went live on apple.com, the Mail feature page showed off a button that offered to "send to Keynote", much like iPad mail which can do just that.

That image was quickly replaced with one that offered to "send to iBooks" instead. Now, iWork for iPhone has popped up again. An AppleCare advisory in the UK says that software support is included for "Using iWork for iPhone and other Apple-branded iPhone apps.

Is Apple working on making their flagship iPad apps universal? Or are these just coincidental errors?

UPDATE: 9to5mac now has blurry-cam pics up of what they've been told is the Pages for iPhone beta. Real, fake, or really fake? Check them out below...

[Mobiture via 9to5.mac, update link: 9to5mac]

iWork for iPhone

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