Apple Q1 Conference Call Highlights: 4.4M iPhones Sold, 13.6M in 2008

We're listening to Apple's Q1 conference call, looking for any and all iPhone details in particular to share, and we'll update as soon as we get them!

  • 22.7 Million iPods sold
  • iPod touch has been established as outstanding gaming, communication platform.
  • 73% of MP3 player market
  • 70% in UK and Australia, 50% in Canada
  • iTunes record quarter
  • App Store tremendous success
  • 15,000 apps, 500,000,000 downloads
  • 4.4 Million iPhones sold in Q4,
  • 13.7 million sold in year (more than the 10 they predicted)
  • 70 countries
  • Competitors scrambling to catch up
  • Years ahead of competition
  • 28 billion in the bank
  • Plan to open 25 stores in 2009, half internationally
  • $199 iPhone a compelling value, nothing else like it in the market
  • Not going to play in low-end phone market
  • Will look at non-subsidized market and not leaving umbrella
  • Loves competition, will suit up against any other smartphone, but won't stand for anyone ripping off their IP (Tim Cook)
  • Call ended!
Rene Ritchie

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