Apple raises Q1 2011 iPhone shipments, includes Verizon/CDMA?

Foxconn workers
Foxconn workers (Image credit: Apple)

DigiTimes is claiming that, according to Taiwan based component suppliers, Apple has its iPhone shipment targets for the first quarter of 2011 from 19 million units to 20-21 million units. This would be up from their estimated 15.5 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010. Additionally:

The first-quarter shipment goal for WCDMA iPhones has been adjusted from 13 million units to 14-15 million units, the sources said. The shipment goal for CDMA iPhones, which will be launched in North America and Asia Pacific in the first quarter, is set at 5-6 million units, the sources added.

We have all heard the rumors of an early 2011 Verizon launch but could these numbers indicate a possible reality to finally put an end to Verizon iPhone rumors? Looks like we have just a little more waiting to do as 2011 is just around the corner now.

[ DigiTimes ]

  • It seems concrete. With No new specs or updates an increase in production has to mean they will supply another carrier.
  • Ten days...
  • Yep, great way to make your customers happy. Push Android phones for Christmas then come out with the iPhone 4? Please....
  • Digitimes has been wrong a LOT... there is no "Verizon iPhone" until Steve Jobs says so on stage.
  • Question : why would apple release a new iPhone now and not in June like they always have ? Answer : they won't , apple works on a cycle and a new iPhone (even a CDMA one ) maybe announced in January (doubt it but possible) but will ship in June . Think about it , would a verizin customer want an iPhone that will be replaced by a more powerful iPhone in June ? Ofcurse not !
  • @Francolasala - why would a verizon customer buy an iPhone now when a new one will be released in 6 months? The same reason why millions of iPhones have been sold in the past during this time.
  • Many of people would get an cdma iPhone on launch day including my wife she has been holding onto her 3g in hopes that the 4g comes next month she can care less about the newest and greatest but she wants something that works and will continue to work for her. Shoot she is still happy with the 3g
  • @Francolasala-I myself believe it to be more credible that there will be a Verizon iPhone will be available next month than in june with at&t's version for for a few reasons.
    1.) I find it harder to believe that apple will release a CDMA version now, and then a dual-chip version in june that will work on both carriers.
    2.) In the time from january to june, you would normally see the AT&T iPhone sales begin to slow down as the current model reaches the saturation point, and because people are just gonna wait for the next version to come out. With a Verizon iPhone launch, they will now see iPhone 4 sales sky rocket in the last leg of the cycle, and IMO continually go up even through the launch of the iPhone 5 on AT&T(yes even then). Why? Because think about it, The tons of people on Verizon that have wanted and drooled over the iPhone have still remained on Verizon out of their love for the service and have even bought other phones even though they wanted an iPhone, just to stay on Verizon. To them it will not matter if At&t has a newer version as long as there is an iPhone 4 available on Verizon (at least initially). They have already proven that they will not defect to AT&T just for the iPhone. This is an extreme power play for Apple and Verizon and makes more sense for them to not want any confusion around launch times between the two technologies/companies. To have two iPhone 4 launches a year, six months from each other will almost guarantee Apple to have extremely high iPhone sales all four quarters. And, for each carriers' sake, ensure that customers will not be thinking about the opposite carrier during launch times.
    It makes perfect sense to me!
  • @Francolasalsa - The same reason why anyone would want an iPhone, because it's an iPhone. That's the main reason why people buy it, everyone I've talked to who bought an iPhone have stated "Because it's an iPhone." Which is a stupid statement, not because they wanted a smartphone, not because they wanted an all-in-one device, they wanted an iPhone for the fact it's an iPhone. I do agree with you that it may be announced in January and released in June, as that is Apple's MO so it's plausible.
    @TechManMike - You sir, are a genius.
    My upgrade for Verizon is in August, by that time, if the iPhone is out for Verizon by that time, I'll get it. I like variety, I have a Droid now, I had a Blackberry before that and I had a Windows Mobile 6.1 device before that and a Sidekick OS before that. And maybe after the iPhone I might switch to Windows Mobile 7. I swap mobile OS every upgrade I get.
  • There is a chance they will stagger CDMA and gsm iPhone launches so that they can keep production up for both models, they won't announce a CDMA iPhone now and launch in June as that will hurt verizon and apple won't do that. It will be out with in 45 days of an announcement.
  • TechManMike and Geoff are spot on. Two reasons why a Verizon iPhone launch in Jan is more likely than in June. One, to keep a new model and launch coming out every 6 months to prevent the lull in sales that usually occurs at that time, allowing other phone companies to sell more phones and two, to be able to keep up with demand. If you thought Apple had problems keeping up with the iPhone 4 launch orders wait till they throw in a Verizon/CDMA iPhone at the same time. Instead of a 3 to 4 week wait time you will see a 4-6 week wait time.
  • @TechManMike yes my dear, you are a genious. But so are Apple, AT&T and Verizon. They have us all drooling at just the thought of the infamous iPhone. I am a Verizon customer via Alltel. I thought about switching my service to AT&T after the Alltel purchase, until a friend of mine who has an iPhone could not get service while standing in my kitchen! With that said, I will be staying with Verizon; and I will patiently wait for the iPhone. I have a Blackberry now and an iPOD touch and i find myself carrying them both everywhere I go. It will be nice to have "everything" i need on one unit. Both companies are robbing us blind, they also can both have crappy customer service at times. So why not have the phone you've always wanted. You're gonna pay for it dearly regardless of the carrier.