DigiTimes is claiming that, according to Taiwan based component suppliers, Apple has its iPhone shipment targets for the first quarter of 2011 from 19 million units to 20-21 million units. This would be up from their estimated 15.5 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010. Additionally:

The first-quarter shipment goal for WCDMA iPhones has been adjusted from 13 million units to 14-15 million units, the sources said. The shipment goal for CDMA iPhones, which will be launched in North America and Asia Pacific in the first quarter, is set at 5-6 million units, the sources added.

We have all heard the rumors of an early 2011 Verizon launch but could these numbers indicate a possible reality to finally put an end to Verizon iPhone rumors? Looks like we have just a little more waiting to do as 2011 is just around the corner now.

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