Updated: Apple Release iPhone 3.1 Beta 3 to Developers (Beta 2 Expiring Tues, July 28!)

Apple has released iPhone 3.1 Beta 3 (7C116a) to developers via developer.apple.com, along with notification that iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 expires tomorrow, July 28 at 12am (device local time).

While Apple has previously released most of the betas on Tuesday, a desire to prevent the "pink screen of death" associate with expired betas perhaps necessitated an earlier release this time.

The OS weighs is said to weigh in at around 307MB. Updates to follow below as we get them:

According to WhenWillApple, you can now copy and paste videos into email (like you could images under 3.0) to get full resolution (not compressed like the share option). We're guessing email box size will still be a restriction...

Also, Tethering Data now gets it's own counter in Settings > General > Usage.

[Thanks to Davizzle for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • will the beta1 also expire tomorrow?! i'm on work and cannot download 300MB this night!
  • AVRCP Bluetooth added?
  • hopefully someone will submit this to a torrent site before 12! I want my phone to work tomorrow!
  • when will they add ability to edit the phone number pad entry. Sometimes I cut a past a number but want to insert *67 before the phone number but am not allowed. Even my prev. razr could do this before. I heard 3.1 was going to allow something like this editing?
  • Novità firmware 3.1 beta 3 from Simone Leopizzi on Vimeo.