Updated: Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Gold Master to Developers + WARNING!

Apple has made the GM (gold master), or final version of iPhone 3.0 available to developers via developer.apple.com (opens in new tab) in advance of June 17th public release.

Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, reminded developers to download it, test against it, and if their apps didn't work, to get updates done and fast!

WARNING updated: yeah, we got the full text and it applies only as outlined in the comments below. Thanks everyone, we try to err on the side of caution. Luckily devs had access

If you're not a legit developer who needs this now, more than ever -- stay away!

Rene Ritchie

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  • i already updated it!
  • woops, i did also! What now?
  • You guys have your info wrong.... the only thing it says is that you cannot restore to previous versions(as it has on all the other betas)
    If the official release is a different version that would be newer than the GM and should be no problem to upgrade.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I read the pre-install advisory and it does not say you can never upgrade to a newer version of 3.0, just can't go back.
  • how did you already do it? I wont have access to my computer for the whole summer because I am traveling and I was hoping to get 3.0 before I left. I leave before the 17th! : (. How can I get it?
  • I've scoured the Developer site and have only seen that you can't downgrade to a lower OS... that's always been there. If I missed something, please let me know!
  • Yeah, it wouldn't make sense to not have developers running on the same builds as all the people using their apps. If you haven't installed it yet and don't need to you might as well hold off just in case since there isn't anything new really. If you already upgraded like me I wouldn't worry about it.
  • That little OS disclaimer has been there since the first betas. It says you cannot roll-back the OS. And once you go to 3.0 there is no going back. They have announced that ALL developer builds can and will be updatable to the commercial release.
  • My iPhone 2G was bricked installing 3.0 GM. Says the firmware is not compatible with the device. Had no problem with 3.0 b5.
  • @Adrianm2000 perhaps you installed the 3G firmware instead? I just got 3.0 GM on my 2G and it's working fine.
    Unfortunately pretty much nothing is different from beta 5.
  • does anyone notice any performance differences? does it run a lot faster/smoother? do push notifications work?
  • iTalkiPhone.com has hosted the software, and all you have to do is grab an account over there! The download won't last long, so grab it while you can, and have fun running your early 3.0 software!!
  • I read the advisory and the iPhone blog needs to retract and correct itself. It says you can't downgrade as others have said.
  • it seems faster, like the 3GS one they demoed in the keynote today
  • so my 3G is running 3.0 after a download through a torrent. Everything is working great, but I can't let go of a feeling of anxiousness. I don't have a developer account. Come the 17th, will anything happen that bricks or screws up my phone? Or will i just update to the actual 3.0? I want to enjoy the accomplishment of getting it early without having these feelings. Please, someone clarify...
  • Hello! I've updated, and Safari now works way better!
    But, since beta 1 i'm not getting the Apple animation starting the phone ( you know, that little apple hiding and the icons comming from the sides) is that for you too?
    So, since i'm not seeing such animation, (after restoring, not updating) maybe this is not the final-final version.
    P.s: the keyboard semms to be slower when clicking.
  • no dumbass, it will prevent you from restoring back to 2.0+..... not 3.0 release.
  • What in the world are you guys talking about? it says that you cannot revert 2.x not that you can't upgrade, please fix that info. You are scaring people.......
  • so we will not be bricked on official 3.0 day?? i just read some of this stuff afterwards on installing 3.0 as well, btw, it rocks
  • Good question. I wonder where the original text came from? A number of other sites seem to be carrying it, and it sounds like it COULD have been a real warning.
    All of the iPhone OS 3.0 seed info requires an iPhone developer login. I wonder if the people that say they've "searched all over the dev site" had access to this area, or if they were just looking around the public site?
  • @James
    Does the 2G 3.0 GM update baseband?
    Would my existing unlock stay?
  • I also did it ;)
    I doubt this is true...and even if it is...notice, they said you´re phone would be locked on the betas: i downgraded easily to 2.2.1 two times while using the betas...lol
  • Just to make sure this is working 100% as it should no bricking on any of the phones?
  • @Bob I looked all over the ADC 3.0 site and all I could find was the warning about downgrading...
  • Can anyone activate an account for me? And initial thoughts? Responsiveness overall? Anyone getting a 3gs or does 3.0 speed up your 3g enough to keep it? Thanks
  • I'm running beta 5 but now I just want the regular update from apple on 6/17. Do I really need to update to GM. because I’m gonna give my bro my iPhone 3G but don’t want to worry about it expiring before that date & don’t want it locked into beta testing either… Can anyone help PLEASE!
  • Does anyone know if it's better to do a restore then an upgrade from 3.0 beta 5? I did the upgrade and I'm not finding any performance improvements at all. I'm wondering if I should restore it instead of upgrading? Does anyone know???
  • I updated to 3.0 why isn't my push notifacationss workin help
  • Push notification is not active yet. 3.0 GM is the version that will be released next week so there will be no need for you to upgrade next week. Either way you will always be able to upgrade. Oh and there is no need for a DEV account. 3.0 GM can be put on any iPhone.
  • Question for everyone, has anyone had issues with the visual voice mail, when i did the update it now calls out to the system instead of doing the visual voicemail.
  • You just need to put your voicemail password back in at it will work again.
  • For everyone who has broken his device now. Just get into DFU-Mode and connect to QuickPwn, just one step later you can restore your iPhone with OS 2.2.1
    I had success with that but I don't know if that works for the GM, because I tried it on beta 1 with iTunes 8.1.
  • So my boyfriend put the software on my phone too. Am I the only other one with visualvoice problems too. It says call AT&T for help.
  • guys, will this 3.0 GM works on Lock-to-Carier iPhone 3G?
  • You are all retarded... "Help I bricked my phone cause I am too impatient to wait 7 days"... boohooo!
    Get a life a just wait for the release...
  • Anyone know the mms settings on the three network???
  • ionno if this is only for touches but ive gone to 3.0 and back to 2.2.1 3 or four times (ipt_1g)
  • I'm running 3.0 on my 3g n I want to know how to activate mms? Can anyone help???
  • OK, so you couldn't find 3.0 GM or are too scared, that's fine, but no need to call people impatient or boo hoo them. Here is the deal. MAKE SURE YOUR USING iTunes 8.2!!! You'll want to BACKUP your iphone first. When you've DL'd 3.0 GM, and hold the correct key(it's different for MAC and WinXP) and press the restore button, it(BIG SURPRISE COMMING) backs up your iPhone(the more back up's the better, that way you have a restore point created before you update to 3.0, and you'll have the one it creates durring the restore process. Then when you get to the next screen, select the "set up as a new iPhone" option. It won't make you re-register with AT&T or get a new phone number(This is the CORRECT method, I can say this because this is the protocol Apple's MAC genius confirmed). Then watch as the iPhone begins to restore(lol, more like upgrade) your iPhone. Your iPhone will restart, the apple logo appears, along a progress bar on your iPhone screen. This goes along with progress bar in iTunes. After the progress bar is complete on the iPhone and in iTunes, iTunes prompts you to leave the iPhone plugged in as iTunes restarts your iPhone. Your iPhone will reset, and then your iPhone screen prompts you to plug it into iTunes(like when you first activated it) don't freek out, let it do it's thing, and now your enjoying 3.0. Now your iphone is V. 3.0, but is wiped of your precious music, contacts, mail, apps, movies, etc. So now you SYNC your iPhone. After that's done, your running 3.0 and have all your precious music, contacts, mail, apps, movies, etc. back, just like you had before you retored. And YES, if you want, you can still upgrade to the public release of 3.0 on the 17th. 3.0 is sweet, way better. Remember MMS isnt available till late this summer(according to AT&T). Also make sure you download the correct Version of 3.0 GM, i.e. iPhone 1st gen needs the iPhone 1st gen version of 3.0. This goes equally for 2nd gen. Happy Landscaping, cut copy and paste, and search, much better App store, oh and safari is better. But if your scared, by all means, wait till the 17th(I suggest locking the doors, close the blinds, take the phone off the hook, and have plenty of food and water till you wait....lol.
  • I noticed that in upgrading to 3.0 gm that Visual Voicemail does not work anymore. How does one fix that?
  • Call your voicemail, hang up, and call it again. Just the phone call run, you'll be prompted for your password in a just a second. It's not caused by 3.0, if you change your # or activate a iPhone for the first time, you get the same deal.
  • I upgraded (not restored) to 3.0GM and now my app store apps aren't working at all. They just crash when opened. I have a 2g iPhone.
    I was previously running iPhone 2.2.1 jailbroken
    anyone have and idea what I should do?
  • HELP ME I AM ON 3.0 GM AND WHEN IT IS RELEASED A JAILBREAK WILL FOLLOW, will I need to upgrad to the official release?
  • The GM and the official 3.0 are exactly the same FW-files (Checksum)...I've checked them with vector MD5 Calculator.
  • Hello all,
    I have a question. Can someone please answer it?
    When an iphone is unlocked use on TMobile network etc? Will the software be updatable in the future when new software is released? Will it cause any problem or issues. Please share me your knowledge and experience. Thank you