Apple Releases iPhone 3.1 Firmware and SDK to Developers

Apple has just informed developers that a new version of iPhone 3.1 Beta firmware and SDK have been released:

iPhone SDK 3.1 beta 2 and iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2 are now available on the iPhone Dev Center. These versions are for development and testing only and should be installed on devices dedicated to iPhone OS 3.1 beta software development. Please read the iPhone OS beta Pre-Install Advisory and the iPhone SDK 3.1 beta 2 release notes before downloading and installing.Use the Apple Bug Reporter if you discover compatibility or functionality issues while testing with the iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2 release.

Registered developers can, as stated, grab it via (opens in new tab).

UPDATE: Ars Technica reports iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 allows developers to send apps to test devices via Wi-Fi, rather than having to tether via USB as in previous releases.

According to WhenWithApple, minor changes include new language for the video editing options, now called "Trim Original" and "Save As..." Screenshot after the break!

When/if we come across anything else, we'll update and add it to our ongoing iPhone 3.1 Beta Walkthrough...


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Rene Ritchie

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  • Just fix the goddamn battery issues (especially the 3GS battery.)
  • No kidding. I have to charge mine 3x a day!
  • Avrcp support added? What's the point of stereo bt if I gotta take my iPhone out of my pocket to change tracks.
  • I restored my phone (3GS) thru iTunes and my battery life improved dramatically
  • My 3GS battery has been great. I used to charge my phone everyday, now on a lite use day I can go almost 2 days without charging.
  • @jeff
    No AVRCP support :(
  • 3GS battery is fine for me as well, and I use it fairly heavily. I did a clean install, no jailbreak, Push Notification for Twitter via Boxcar and BeeJive for IM.
  • 3GS modem firmware 05.10.01 so that it should fix the crazy WIFI issues!
    Carrier is now AT&T 4.5
    People are reporting getting M-Cell on there iPhones.
    Now the craziest thing I heard is wireless synce!
  • Oh yeah seems that Apple fixed that high pitched noise that the 3GS VIDEO/MEMO
  • Battery life has been fine so far on my 3Gs, though improvements would always be welcome!
  • @KORG stupid question, but what is M-Cell
  • I think Micro Cell was added back in February?
  • Hey Rene, apparently you can also save videos from an email to your photo library.
  • personally I think wireless sync would be the best...because I hate using my USB cord, especially when it connects/reconnects on it's own while syncing!!!
  • Nothing new here. Move along people.
    Maybe update 3.2 will be an update for getting updates.
  • No problems here with battery life on the 3GS either. Much better than the 3G.
  • My battery life has nearly doubled since 3.0. I get nearly 36 hours now with heavy usage now. Sorry to here people are struggling. I had a problem with no wifi, but swapped out my old phone at the genius bar.
  • Wifi seems more stable. Testing battery life now
  • @iSkythe I think that was working in the first beta?
  • Same issues with the battery life. Drains waaaaay to quickly. Even disabling notifications and push doesn't help.
  • @Lordzod01
    u got to be kidding your phone last 36 hours ok i haven't charged my iPhone in 2 days lol lol even apple knows that is a joke lol lol omg lol.
  • Three days without a charge your lying!! Two days without a charge your lying! STOP LYING!
  • When did 36 hours start = three days... but anyway.. I too could use a battery boost, and would welcome the wifi fixes.
  • I have both the 3G and the 3G S. Both of the are running the 3.0 software and the battery on both of them drains real quick and I'm not usings push notifications (they are turned off) and I even shut off push in mail, wifi and 3G but that didn't help. While I could charge the iPhone before I went to sleep with 2.2.1 and then put it next to my bed and still having almost 100% battery life in the morning with 3.0 it's not anywhere close to that. When I'm lucky the next morning I have like 70 percent left (all the battery intensive stuff is turned off), sometimes only 50% on both phones
  • Is this update supposed to fix the problems people are having with new photos or screenshots not showing up in their camera roll? I hope so. Mine just started doing it and it's driving me insane. I personally know seven people it's happened to already.
  • my phone won't charge past 20% even when i leave it for more than 5 hours.
    won't even detect on itunes for restore anymore..
  • i just pluged my iphone in an am now downloading 3.1 im not the beta vers just happend to plug in to charge an it was thear anyone eals get it or know whats in the update?
  • nvm just crap!!!!!!!!!
  • was only 3.0.1 not 3.1
  • Does anyone know if it's easy to understand Apple SDK with only an understanding of Flash, CSS, Java, Etc.? Do I need to be a C++ guru?
  • Stop using the phone all day and you wont was released and i don't have ANY problems with my battery life. stop playing with your phones all day and the charge will last
  • The idea of getting an iphone is to be able to use it as it was built, sold and marketed. Having to only use half of the functions to keep battery levels up is only worth half the cost. It is false advertising.
    For example, I also have both the 3G and 3GS and both batteries suck! It "seems" better when turning off 3G, Bluetooth, and everything else, but I want it to do what it was built to do! So, that means, everything should work, for as long as I want, and the battery life should last at least as long as advertised!
    The camera and the video lacks the ability to zoom without using a separate app. There's no way to make changes to video/camera quality depending on the place your taking the picture.
    When listening to an ipod, then going to the camera, the ipod stops. This is true with other apps. One stops when you use a different one - not exactly "multi-tasking".
    After using a Tilt with all these features and more, using the iphone has been a bit of a letdown except for the functionality with all the apps available. Don't get me wrong - I like the iPhone, I just expect more.
    I hope the new version comes out with a lot more feature upgrades and besides, since AT&T is charging us for the ability to send and receive MMS, they should provide it "now" or refund the money. -- Just my humble thoughts.