Apple Releases iPhone 3.1 and SDK Beta to Developers

Apple has just released iPhone 3.1 SDK Beta to developers:

iPhone SDK 3.1 beta and iPhone OS 3.1 beta are now posted to the iPhone Dev Center. These versions are for development and testing only and should be installed on devices dedicated to iPhone OS 3.1 beta software development. Please read the iPhone OS Pre-Install Advisory and the iPhone SDK 3.1 beta release notes before downloading and installing.

Available now via (opens in new tab), and TiPb once again reminds non-developers to stay clear, avoid potential problems, and wait for the general release.

(Thanks and everyone else for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Looks like the Dev-Team was smart (as usual) in not releasing the jailbreak quite yet.
  • I can't seem to find a changelog of any kind. I have it downloaded for my 3GS. I'll see if I notice anything different and post it.
  • i'm downloading now
  • Definitely installing faster on the 3GS than the 3G. Should be done any minute.
  • 3.1 already. Seems like these apple guys can't get anything right. On a serious tip, the storm gets shit when it's not right on the first try. COME ON! Not hating it's a good thing that they try to improve.
  • Is releasing a SDK kit the normal way of fixing bugs? Or is that Apple's way of adding functionality?
    I'm asking because I know nothing about the SDK....
  • 3.1 numbering + new SDK makes me guess devs will find more than just bug fixes?
  • well 3.1 seems to have killed iPod on my 3GS so far...
  • Yep Rene, that´s my opinion also. A minor revision should be numbered like 3.0.x, not 3.x
  • scratch that... did a restore (which isnt the default after upgrading!) and now seems ok!
  • Who is betting that this will unlock the secret 4G chip and front-facing cameras embedded into every iPhone since the original? LOL..
  • wow - didn't see this coming yet!
    Steve Jobs must have cracked a few skulls when he started back a few days ago!
  • i guess it will block ultrasn0w and some minor bugs, but adding .1 and also publishing new SDK means new functions. Do not know what it could be
  • Terrance, you flame baiting fool, RIM got the storm wrong on the first try. You can't fix that with a firmware update.
  • Fuck man tell me this has something to do with MMS getting launched soon more login through viewmymessage and I'm gonna short circuit!
  • I guess also that they will come with update of carrier informations, as they are planning to start to sell it in many other countries in few weeks and they had to update information about tethering and mms per each carier
  • @Adam:
    Case magically change to matt finish too.
  • Forgot to update my device id in the dev portal and it wouldnt activate my phone. If any of you get stuck like I did use this tool to get your device id since iTunes wont let you get in for it.
  • ok so the link doesnt work there. Go to and search for iPhone Configuration Utility.
  • AT&T allowing MMS perhaps?
  • Glowing Apple logo? Joking joking.
  • Adding video cam feature for 3G would be awesome as well
  • @nicky That would be DUMB on apples part. they are much smarter than that.
  • so when you click and hold the application icon, the iphone starts to vibrate with the icon
  • The changes I've seen so far are all behind-the-scenes. There's a lot of improvements to OpenGL and Quartz. There are now APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them. I haven't seen anything else so far. It basically seems to be stuff that takes advantage of the iPhone 3G S features (things that couldn't be put in the 3.0 beta because the 3G S hadn't been released yet).
  • Here are the changes people have found so far:
    AT&T carrier settings updated from 4.0 to 4.2
    New modem firmware 5.08.01
    Voice command over Bluetooth
    iPhone now vibrates when move app icons
  • What the heck? Why did it take out my line breaks? I'll try again:
    AT&T carrier settings updated from 4.0 to 4.2
    New modem firmware 5.08.01
    Voice command over Bluetooth
    iPhone now vibrates when move app icons
  • Adding feature changes here:
    Thanks everyone so far!
  • It also turns on the oleophobic screen coating for the 3g and original iPhone 
  • @Killer It would be dumb on Apples behalf, great for consumers behalf!
  • Another way to get the 40 HEX code for your iPhone is to check it on XCODE. Its there if you have used your 3G[S] to work on your apps.
  • Mike, you obviously cant fix the iphone with firmware upgrades if they have brought out the same exact phone for three years with minor adjustments. Is it me or is it you? MMS, Video. My old voyager had that. get outta here.
  • Hmm, looks like the beta has already made it's way to torrent sites. That was quick. o.o'
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