Apple Releases iPhone 3.1.3 for All iPhone, iPod touch Devices

Apple has just released iPhone 3.1.3 (7E18), a minor OS update for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod touch G1, iPod touch G2, and iPod touch 3G.

The update includes:

  • Fix for iPhone 3GS battery level reporting
  • Fix for app crashes on launch
  • Fix for app crashes while using Japanese Kana Keyboard

iPhone 3.1.3 security-related update details can be found in Apple's knowledge-base article (opens in new tab).

If you notice anything else in the update, let us know in the comments!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • You mean 3.1.3?
  • No way I'm losing my jailbreak for that...
  • Ditto the comment above. I know it's 3.1.3 and it's an update but I'll wait for 4.0 before updating.
  • no way im doing this Im with Joe im not loosing my JB for now
  • I'm still on 3.0 waiting for major change before I update
  • Damn, 2 of my most used apps continually crash on launch but I don't want to lose my JB!!!
  • I'm gonna try it; since my iPhone 3GS is not Jailbroken or unlocked; will report latter. Downloading now
  • Thanks Gus, pls report back
  • They would update this right after Apple replaces my 3GS with another 3GS that has a jailbreakable boot ROM, subsequently resulting in me jailbreaking :D Oh well, it doesn't look like anything least nothing I would give up SBSettings and ProSwitcher for.
  • I'll be updating later on tonight after class. Something to look forward to after this test I don't think I'm getting an A on, the horror.
  • That's all? Yawn
  • Meh, not worth my time!
  • if you had a pre, you wouldn't have to worry about updates bricking your phone, or palm trying to disable it. It is sanctioned over here. Come on over to the promised land.
    if u've used proswitcher, you have had a small taste of the future. Webos is better than proswitcher and it has about 5 other features you're missing out on too.
  • Can somebody please update to 3.1.3 and try blackra1n to see if it still works? They don't always block the jailbreak.
  • Still Considering doing my first jb, will hold off until I make that determination.
  • @nick
    Your people await. Although you probably can't see much on that tiny a$$ screen of yours.
  • It's a good thing they fixed the [bleepin] Japanese Kana Keyboard because I'm sure there's way more of a demand for that than multitasking, tethering or a better 3G network. Oh wait, I'm jailbroken so I have the first two already :)
  • Such Losers here... ! get a life people!
  • bleh
  • Not an interesting update. Not gonna give up my jb for this crap. Apple should have released a major update that looks similar to the iPad 
  • yeah i have a JB 3G and I'm not losing my JB for issues that i DONT have. No thanks Apple!
  • A head (jailbreak) fake
  • @ Nick - I love my iPhone, and wouldn't dream of giving it up. I can blaze trails around you typing on my software keyboard, and Mobile Safari is king. I just use ProSwitcher so I can reply to texts without closing an app because it is more refined than Backgrounder alone. SBSettings just makes quick work of toggling WiFi and 3G. And I listen to A LOT of music. I wouldn't give up the ability to quickly sync my data and music with iTunes on my Mac for ANYTHING. Nice try, though. Oh, and Sprint sucks in my area. I always have 3G here with AT&T.
  • Glad you're back! Things rlleay haven't been the same around here without our friendly neighborhood cow Did you visit anyone from the Australian Blogging Mafia
  • @joe
    someone has to let the masses know how great the pre is. Noone is doing any marketing. You know how you don't get service on att, well pre is on sprint and verizon now. Biggest and fastest networks there are. Why do you want second-rate experience? Just for the apps. Palm has lots of apps now. 3d games, medical app, boardgame apps, etc. And they ALL multitask.
    jusy sayin. Your phone is YOUR PHONE on webos....apparently you are just leasing yours b/c apple is telling you how you can't use it...well, only if you update I guess
  • @Brian - Yeah, I haven't had any issues with crashes, and I don't use the battery percentage. I just know what time of day my battery usually starts dying and charge accordingly lol. (Translation=I web browse and listen to music WAY too much lol.)
  • @nick
    I know the limitations of the iPhone, but this is not the forum for that discussion. You're nothing but a human pop up ad. (Clicking Close)
  • @ Nick @ Joe - Apple is trying to make the user experience uniformed and consistent. Better than half-assed products whose implementation of features aren't worth the trouble they cause. Now, if the more tech savvy among us would rather have a good product that they have to do a little work on to make great, why not? I had no problem with my un-jailbroken 3GS, I just checked to see if the refurb they gave me was jailbreakable, it was, and I said "Why not?".
  • I seem to have any of these issues so no point updating if they don't.
  • @Jake
    I haven't tried proswitcher but if you use it primarily for texting without having to quit out of your app there's also quickreply SMS which is awesome.
    Three minor fixes that effects barely anyone who doesn't use a Japanese kana keyboard! Oh well can't wait till iPhone 4.0 and the new iPhone this summer, my 3g is definately starting to seem a little slow!
  • @Nick:
    As stated before, you have a site to go to for your fanboy rants. We are all happy that you have a Pre and not an iPhone for the simple fact that it's one less user on AT&T hogging our precious bandwidth.
    I agree that WebOS is nice and has potential but the Pre hardware is crap with the worst keyboard ever made.
  • @ Alex - I'm a poor college kid! It's all I can do to pay my phone bill lol. That, and I like the stability of my phone as-is. I only have about 5 for-jailbreak apps. And proswitcher works great for me!
  • What a waste of an update. Why bother, Apple. Just wait to include these with the next major update. Bad Apple PR continues...this company has made many mistakes the past 6 months, IMO.
  • @Jake
    There are so many people crying online and bugging Geohot for a tethered jailbreak fix. I don't know why they don't just sell theirs on Ebay and buy a refurb. I sold my 3G on Ebay when the 3GS came out and it ended up costing about $75...
  • @Jake
    Have you tried IrealSMS? Its a much more elegant way to reply to texts INSIDE the notification window and not having to go to the message app. Its awesome.
  • @Nick
    how much an hour does palm pay?
  • @The real truth:
    Nick doesn't know how much they pay. Their paycheck stub is emailed to their Pre's only and the screen is too small to read it. When he try's to reply, his thumb hits 9 keys simultaneously.
    The Pre should come with a toothpick for typing on that keyboard.
  • @Jake you could also try QuickReply SMS - I found I liked the simplicity of that over IRealSMS. Definitely worth the money - I was happy to pay the dev $3 or $4 for the time and batt life it saves me... I love it.
    I'm with everyone else - this update is a joke - I'll stick with my jailbreak on 3.1.2.
  • Come on Nick, we know about the Pre. The Pre wouldn't even be most peoples second choice (Android would most likely be second). My son has the Pre, he likes it but you know what he like more? I don't go to Pre blogs and Evangelize.
  • @ Joe McG - Are you saying I was crying? Because I'm certain I wasn't and wasn't ever...I bought my 1st 3GS when there were no refurbs for sale, and (before it broke) it had the new boot ROM. The refurb I received as a replacement has the old boot ROM and I was able to JB. I had no problem with the jailbreak solution. Sure, it was less than ideal, but that's the nature of JB.
    @ Borgak, Destroyer of Beings - I might give it a shot at some point when bills aren't approaching lol. I don't mind using ProSwitcher, I think it's kinda fun.
  • I am not jailbroken and I still see no reason to download this.
    Every update bricks a small percentage of phones. My warranty has expired. Not worth the risk.
    This probably sneaks yet more lockdowns in as well.
  • Pass on this update until a JB arrives. Can anyone post the modem firmware version?
  • @nick
    If I had a Pre I would lose my ability to use the 150K apps the iPhone has!
  • How is any update that improves the iPhone a joke?
  • Mine's installed, up and running fine. Don't see any immediate differences though.
    NOTE: Palm Pre discussion in this thread is off-topic, please stick to talking about the iPhone 3.1.3 update here.
  • i agree 100% with Rene,
    @Stephen, really this arguement is grown old and tired, not to mention childish. i have 3 iphones in my house and a touch, but Really.....the 150K app thing is dead. its done, let it go. the MINE is BIGGER than YOURs arguement is Cr-app.
    because and quote me on this....150K apps only like 20 of them are any good and the developers make them make them for pretty much all the OS's now.
    ok im done.
    im with Rene.
    back to 3.1.3 (meaningless update)
  • How'd this turn into a pre vs. iPhone flame war?
    Does this work with current 3gs usb jailbreak exploit or not?
  • @P.
    And btw, out of a 150,000 apps - 20 are good? You drink too much of the Kool-aid, dude.
  • @t0m
    not sure what that means..?
    please enlighten me.
  • Is this a forum or for comments? I would like to see more comments about the update and less off topic stuff.
  • Who cares?
    Is this a sign that 3.2 is coming?!
    Seriously. If its on the iPad, why not on the iPhone?
    Why have 3.2 come out, 2 months before 4.0?
  • It's iPhone G1 and iPod Touch G3 not 3G. Just thought I'd let you know.
  • @T0m
    20 apps are good? Can u please tell me which ones they are as you seem to be the expert on all things.
  • Sorry my last comment was directed @P
  • @ The real truth
    PS, yes I have a facebook account.
  • Looks like this could be more of a response by Apple to the new Red Snow jailbreak than an update to improve the iPhone.
  • Are there any exploits in the wild for the 4 security holes this plugs? Is it worth it for just the security fixes?
    I had the battery problem last month immediately after (finally) updating to 3.1.2 and it went from 100% to 15% in 1 hour. Turned off the % indicator, rebooted, and turned % back on and battery has been fine since.
  • Bricked my iPhone....
  • Downloaded the update and I can't see too much that is new. My phone has been charging for a while yet the battery percentage does not seem to be going up as quick. Perhaps the battery monitoring portion of the update will help extend battery life?
  • Successfully updated to 3.1.3 under Win7 no problem at all here :)
  • My keyboard is laggy now.
  • NO Problems here!
  • What I want to see is release notes for the baseband/modem firmware update! Anyone found THOSE notes?
  • I've read somewhere that the update changes Modem Firmware from version 5.11.07 to 5.12.01
  • Yes Jimbo, it does.
  • @the real truth - I was questioning P.'s statement that only 20 apps are good out of the 150,000.
    @P. - Drinking the kool-aid is a term used mainly during troubling times in corporations, etc. -- in this case it refers to you more or less being brainwashed by Palm.
    To say out of all those apps only 20 are good -- basically less than .02% -- is clearly a statement made by someone without access to said apps. According to your numbers, the Appstore should've been out of business several times over already.
    I mean are you really supporting a device that actually boasts it's ability to work with Apple's iTunes?
    You can pick your reasons for not liking the iPhone, but if you're picking the App Store selection, well that's a pretty poor point to start with.
  • If you brick your phone with an authorized firmware update, you should probably stick to payphones :)
  • I like how the devteam just released their jailbreak for 3.1.2 and Apple has already released 3.1.3. What happened to you Devteam? You used to be so awesome...
  • I think that Juliet detonating the bomb was the incident!!
  • Installed and running great.
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  • Cool, can't wait to get my paws on ANY update!
  • We expected OS 4.0 beta, but we got a preview of OS 3.2 (no beta) - and now all they've given us is OS 3.1.3??? lol
    From the sounds of it lots of security related updates, so a very worthwhile update nonetheless - just BORING!
  • There seems to be a glitch with the battery meter on 3.1.3 because I would be at 83% and then if I restart it would go down to 76% but then 10 seconds later would go back to 83%. This would happen each time I restart. Anyone having this issue also?
  • well my iphone crashed today and i had to take on the new 3.1.3 update is there a way to take my iphone back to a earlier firmware?
  • i updated to this. seems as if my phone runs a bit more stable as well. not that i ever had a stability problem before. but i always like to keep my firmware up to date.
  • Used a different computer to recover my bricked iPhone, and got it up working again...Phew.
  • Could there be anything in this release relating to this:
    There are several flaws in the way that the iPhone handles digital certificates which could lead to an attacker being able to create his own trusted certificate and entice users into downloading malicious files onto their iPhones. The attack is the end result of a number of different problems with the way that the iPhone handles over-the-air provisioning, trusted root certificates and configuration files. But the result of the attack is that a remote hacker may be able to change some settings on the iPhone and force all of the user's Web traffic to run through any server he chose and also to change the root certificate on the phone, enabling him to man-in-the-middle SSL traffic from the iPhone.
  • @ivoryplum
    you do know the term "bricked" means it is broken and not fixable, right? The term is just overused and gives a false impression
  • @t0m
    as said i own a 3 iphones and like them very much for what they are capable of doing, and hate them for what they cant. as for your statement i dont drink the palm Kool-Aide, however i do enjoy a nice glass of Kool-Aide more often then not.
    i do not own any palm devices currently and maybe you sir should lay off the JIM JONES Kool-Aide. I never even said anything about Palm.
    my statement though i do standby, most of Iphones apps are good for a only a short time at best and are brainless. how many apps do you actually use daily? Really?
  • Is there any issues updating iPhone 3G (3.1.2 to 3.1.3) using a slightly older iTunes on Windows 7?
  • I just think its funny people report that they dont see a difference yet. If you read the things this updates you can clearly see there is pretty much nothing you will see with the exception of the crappy battery percentage meter. I can also say with a certainty that this update didnt make anyone have a lag in their keyboard for whoever posted that.
  • I'm like so many others, I'll wait for iPhone 4.0 before I upgrade.
  • The battery glitch happens for me here too I restarted my phone and it showed as 31 percent on battery locked the phone and unlocked and it showed 54 percent
  • @Joe McG I know what bricked means. And it was bricked. The only thing it would do is turn the backlight on. Nothing would actually come on the screen. The update failed mid-way through and left it like that. And every time I tried to restore it, an error would pop up in iTunes...regardless of what I did.
    So I went to a different computer and re-downloaded the update on that itunes and luckily got my iPhone back.
  • Not worth the time or loss of my JB.
  • just installed 3.1.3, up from 3.1.2. No issues whatsoever.
  • I'll just post a message here to show how cool I am. You know, my disinterest with the update and the mention of my cooler-than-yours jailbroken phone. Oh wait, a bunch of elitists already did that. Give me a break guys.
  • Looks like live updating is fixed
  • Safari is much more unstable. It keeps just closing randomly.
  • I Just upgraded a brand new 32g 3gs to 3.1.3, update went well phone works fine. With version 3.1.2 i had a weird issue with the accelerometer, when pulling the phone away from my head to hang up the screen would go blank before i could hit the hang up button and then take a few seconds before i could access the phone. Since update, this issue is so far resolved.
  • When u update to 3.1.3 look at the battery percentage remember it, then reset ur iPhone and when it turns back on look at the 1st intial lockscreen the battery percentage will be 8% lower then after a sec it will jump back 8 % to wut it should really be... Very very strange I thought apple was supposed to fix the issue not make it worse.... DO NOT UPGRADE PLEASE STICK WITH 3.1.2 FAR LESS BUGGY....
  • update this am, in the uk. Iphone 3gs only 5 months old.
    Told to restore, wont restore error (21).
    have booked genius bar appt for later today, sorry i bothered o phone now
    may try and restore of windows netbook
  • Well I never JB'd my iPhone although officially unlocked and did the 3.1.3 update this morning. No real changes until I looked at the cell network setting and noticed tethering is back! Worth the update just for that.
  • I had the JB,,and tons of apps and all,,,Im a ewbie to all of this,,but i recently updated my software from the 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 and i tried to Jb it again using Blackrain,,,and it does Jb it,,,does anyone know if Gephot is releasing a Blackrain for this new 3.1.3????????
  • Just updated to 3.1.3 and all seemed well... Except for the fact that all my apps crash beside the stock apple apps... Fail
  • Anyone try updating their OS to 3.1.3 yet and try blackra1n? :D I'll PayPal you $5. :D
  • I think Apple could care less about the iPad. I think it will be there just so we don't have the betas of the next build of the OS. The iPad will be one step ahead, but devs can already have their apps up and running on the new OS on the iPad.
  • Updated my 3gs last night flawless, no notable changes at all.
    C'mon Apple where's the native to do app that syncs with mail over mobile me? It's not that hard..
  • @93- Do you have a factory unlocked iPhone? What network are you on? I've heard reports that 3.1.3 re-enables tethering (with the appropriate mobile config from benm) but only if it's a factory unlocked iPhone. I would upgrade my AT&T locked iPhone 3GS from 3.0.1 if I could keep my benm tethering (I have no particular interest in jb).
  • The new update rocks, multitasking, FM radio and widgets. None of you have checked out the new features yet? Oh it's not April 1st yet.
  • @P. - Only a daily basis my apps is probably around 7 or 8, but there are still a lot that I use monthly or so. You're right, a lot of them get stale quick -- good thing there's 150,000 of them to get bored with.
    Apologize if you think jumped down your throat for being a Palm supporter, I mainly wanted to show you your app store comment was ridicilous, at best.
    My job doesn't really require me to be on the road much, otherwise I'm sure my app using would be much higher. It really is more convenient to go to a NY Times App, eBay, Facebook, CNN, Amazon, etc. than their respective websites. It's a pretty big thing to brag about when comparing products.
  • All you guys with update problems, it may be time to start with a fresh restore of your phone. It's the best way to update and solves just about every issue, every time.
    Especially if you're planning on doing a JB after.
  • @99 - it is a factory unlocked 3G bought in Portugal 18 months ago. Am in the UK so probably no use to you, but tethering was enabled straight after the update and with 3UK.
  • Just did the update and the battery percentage meter is now borked. Up until this update it worked flawlessly and now when you first turn the phone on the battery shows about 8-10% less than what it was when you turned it off. After about 5-10 seconds it jumps up to where it should be. Thanks for fixing what's not broken.
  • Can I restore from backup or am I now stuck on 3.1.3?
  • Did my update last night and everything works just fine - however I do wish there some noticeable improvements made.
  • Battery read problems have been around in 3.1.2, you probable just didn't notice it.
  • @TheOtherBrian, Yes but it has gotten noticeably worse with this current update. As I and others have said, whenever you restart your iphone, the battery meter would be about 8% less than what it was before you restarted, only to have it go back up to normal 10 seconds later.
  • Well this crap update gives me an opportunity now to try and jailbreak, since I'll most likely do a restore as new anyway.
  • I really think the people having problems need to restore their phones or drain the battery so that it can readjust the meter. Luckily I'm not having these problems. I think this simple update made the phone much quicker.
  • @Desmon, I tried restoring and draining the battery but I'm still having the problem.
  • @Desmon, btw, what iphone do you have?
  • @NYC718 - Restored as a new phone?
  • @t0m, Yep
  • Once you update, does the 3.1.2.ipsw file get deleted automatically? I searched my drive and found the 3.1.3.ipsw files but no 3.1.2. If I could find it, how would I restore it?
  • @Paul, Your old firmware gets deleted automatically, check your recycle bin, it should be in there.
  • bummer, emptied the recycle bin already... didn't notice it in there though... bummer. Although I found a site to download it from 302MB and am doing it now. Anyone happen to have official checksums for this file?
  • I did have those battery problems but I haven't had battery problems lately. I had a 3gs that I bought on launch day, but I took it in under warranty and got a new one, dust under the screen (about a 2 months ago). Since I got the new 3gs I have had no battery problems.
  • @Paul - Check - they have all the firmwares. With a little tweaking, you MAY be able to restore back to 3.1.2. You'll need to edit your itunes.exe (google should help you the exact command) so that when you hold shift and hit restore iPhone, it'll allow you to pick which .ipsw you want. Haven't tried it yet, but in the past I know it has worked for some.
  • @Paul - Ok, Apple no longer signing 3.1.2 restores -- but if you did store your SHSH with Cydia you can still do it. This will walk you through it.
  • Thanks for the tips, I was able to get the 3.1.2 off of my wife's computer. Now I just need to figure out how to get it reinstalled.
  • @T0m
    i agree.
    i just get tired of hearing the app thing as a selling point. its been covered and well documented so my original comment was @stephen for the 150K apps. why not just say the ui is best, safari is boss, customer base is gigantic, support is good, you get the point.
    we all hear, see and read about the amount of apps we are able to d/l. just dont think if your gonna flame someone on a fanboi website regarding their poor product it can be done without the number of apps, again. there are enough dumb-ass commercials re this. true or not?
    that was my point from the start. no problems. my opinion of the apps is just that,(my opinion)
    good day
    Peace P.
  • Done some more testing. Tethering is back!! Love it, works great :-D
    Oh and Eliminate used to crash sometimes on startup - problem seems to be fixed. So thumbs up (only why took that 4 months ?)
  • @NYC718. I have the 3GS. Which one do you have? I've heard that sometimes somethings that happen on a 3G might be different on the other models.
  • @Desmond, I have the 3GS as well. It's weird how this problem started happening after installing 3.1.3. Seeing that other people are having the same issue as me, I would think that this must be some sort of glitch affecting some iPhones which apple hopefully fixes in the next update.
  • When u update to 3.1.3 look at the battery percentage remember it, then reset ur iPhone and when it turns back on look at the 1st intial lockscreen the battery percentage will be 8% lower then after a sec it will jump back 8 % to wut it should really be… Very very strange I thought apple was supposed to fix the issue not make it worse…. DO NOT UPGRADE PLEASE STICK WITH 3.1.2 FAR LESS BUGGY….
  • @123 Unlocked phone? What network? Thanks
  • @Paul - You will not be able to do it without your ID being on file with Cydia -- hope you did it before 3.1 ;)
    If you did, follow that link for a step by step guide on how to do it.
  • i updated mine and was thinking about jailbreaking and unlocking it so i can take it with me on a long holiday. but after reading about all this got me worried, will i be able to go back to the previous version
  • Crashed my iPhone when I did the update, More un needed updates for most of us.
  • 3.1.3 is causing faulty battery % readings for me
  • Thanks for the suggestion Playa. I've been trying to download 3.1.3 since last week and keep getting the can not connect popup. Nothing has changed with my computer settings which would disallow itunes to connect, and all of my settings are exactly as the itunes and iphone help menus say they should be. Looks to me like 3.1.3 clearly isn't worth the hassle.
  • After update error 29. Tried everything there is on the web. Keep on stuck at 2/3
    New computer, no 3.1.3 update present, no virus scanner, usb2 ports on the back, even tried DFU mode.
    Iphone 3gs 32 GB only a few weeks old and completely useless!!
    Apple store did one try and gave up, provider store gave up.
  • <