Apple reportedly preparing move to OLED iPhone displays in 2017

Apple is reportedly looking to make the move to OLED iPhone displays in 2017 — a year earlier than originally believed. According to a report from Nikkei, Apple contacted LG and Samsung, who would supply the displays, in December about potentially ramping up production of OLED displays in preparation for shipping the new display tech in the 2017 iPhone. However, OLED panels may be limited to certain models due to supply constraints.

A separate Nikkei report from late last year pegged the switch for 2018, but today's report sparks the possibility that Apple may be looking to move faster on the switch. Apple's deals with Samsung and LG are said to be worth around $12.8 billion combined.

A switch to OLED screens on the iPhone has been rumored for years, so it's best to take this latest report with the requisite grain of salt. However, benefits such as better battery life (particularly if iOS received a night theme) and thinner display panels would make it a compelling switch.

Via: Apple Insider

Dan Thorp-Lancaster