Apple seeing good growth in China, iPhone sales 25% up year-on-year

For the first time this year, Apple launched the new iPhone in China on launch day, and hand-in-hand with that growth for the area is definitely up. Chinese growth overall was 6%, and iPhone sales were up 25% year-on-year despite some pretty horrendous – and well publicised – supply constraints on the new iPhone 5s.

Additionally, Greater China saw the opening of a further retail store this past quarter, while yearly revenues for the market stand at an impressive $27billion, up 14% on 2012. Point of sales are up on the iPhone, and Apple is working with carriers on coverage and launching earlier, as well as continuing to focus on their own retail presence.

As with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, China has been selected as one of the initial launch markets for the new iPad Air. Pre-orders for these begin on October 30, ahead of general availability on November 1 as in the other launch countries.

Richard Devine

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