Apple seeking engineers with CDMA knowledge (for Verizon iPhone?)

In yet another sign pointing to a Verizon iPhone launch, Apple has posted a job listing on their careers website looking for engineers with knowledge of CDMA network.

To offer a phone that works on Verizon network, Apple will have to build a phone based on a different wireless standard than the iPhone uses now. And to do that Apple has to hire engineers who know their way around CDMA.

Rumors of Apple letting Verizon join in on the iPhone game have been thrown around the web for as long as we can remember, but much more so recently than ever before. Many industry specialists believe the Verizon iPhone could come in the first quarter of 2011, however neither Apple or Verizon have yet to confirm such rumors.

With Apple continuing to seek professional engineers who know there way around the CDMA network, how close do you think a Verizon iPhone could really be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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