9to5Mac is reporting, based on multiple sources, that Apple is now selling unlocked off-contract but still locked to AT&T iPhones at US Apple Retail Stores, at list price.

List price means $499 for 8GB [for iPhone 3G], $599 for 16GB and 32GB is $699 [for iPhone 3GS].

Gizmodo scored the pic above. It's unknown whether or not this is in response to the unlocked AT&T-friendly Google Nexus One being released (or the Palm Pre on AT&T... we guess), but Apple has offered officially unlocked iPhone before in places like Hong Kong and some parts of Europe.

It's limited right now to one iPhone per person, per day, and who knows how long it will last so if you want your officially unlocked device -- go get it! And tell us what your local Apple Retail Store says when you ask for it.