9to5Mac is reporting, based on multiple sources, that Apple is now selling unlocked off-contract but still locked to AT&T iPhones at US Apple Retail Stores, at list price.

List price means $499 for 8GB [for iPhone 3G], $599 for 16GB and 32GB is $699 [for iPhone 3GS].

Gizmodo scored the pic above. It's unknown whether or not this is in response to the unlocked AT&T-friendly Google Nexus One being released (or the Palm Pre on AT&T... we guess), but Apple has offered officially unlocked iPhone before in places like Hong Kong and some parts of Europe.

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It's limited right now to one iPhone per person, per day, and who knows how long it will last so if you want your officially unlocked device -- go get it! And tell us what your local Apple Retail Store says when you ask for it.