Apple Sells an Estimated 60,000 iPhones in South Korean on Launch Day

Apple has sold an estimated 60,000 iPhones on launch day in South Korea and can be considered a success, especially if compared to the dismal sales in China.

In the 3rd quarter of 2009, the 60,000 iPhones sold equal 15% of the 400,000 total smartphones sold within the country. Not too shabby for for a single day of sales.


blockquote>"In spite of the fact that the Korean market offers one of the most advanced set of mobile products and services in the world, smartphones only represent about 1% of the total mobile market, Executives at KT believe that the introduction of the iPhone could be a turning point for smartphones in Korea."

With smartphones representing a total of only 1% of the total market, mainly due to handset manufacturers such as LG and Samsung who have long been king in this particular market, it seems like Apple has it's work cut out for them.

IM Staff

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