Apple Spotlight Turns to Notebooks: iPhone Left in the Dark

No love from Apple for the iPhone today, despite glass trackpads, with multi-touch being introduced into the MacBook line. We have a transcript of our full meta-live blog coverage available now if you want the details, but the broad strokes are all in aluminum and black. The long-standing rumors mostly came true, with design unified around the current iMac model -- with a gorgeous new 24" Cinema Display being a near kissing-cousin to last year's desktop rev.

15" MacBook Pro and MacBook's available now-ish. Air's to follow soon (November?). Rumor has it there are issues with the 17", so we may only see those later.

Check out the MacBook Video, featuring the now legendary Jonathan Ive, at Apple for more.

But with the lines being blurred in every sense, if you're in the market for a new Apple laptop, it's gotten really hard to choose. No worries, though. Apple's got you covered. Head on over and see which MacBook you are -- and what your iPhone might just be syncing itself with next!

(And let's hope Apple turns back to the iPhone in time for its quarterly conference call coming later this month, b'okay Steve?)

Rene Ritchie

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